Cainta Rizal; Your Gateway to the East

Today I am so excited; it’s my first day to conquer Rizal Province. Together with my co-travelers we will travel Rizal Province. Everything is ok and our first stop is Cainta Rizal.

Cainta is the First Class Urban Municipality in Rizal due to its growing economy. This title was due to the fact that various establishments exist on the said Town. Basically, the entire town is already urbanized by different restaurants, Mall, Colleges and many commercial suites. Everything that you need is available within the Municipality. It also held the record of the most populous municipality of the country as per census 2010, therefore a rapid growth of economy is really growing in proportion of the growing number of inhabitants of the said Municipality.
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Cainta is the wealthiest municipality in the country with respect to Income Revenue growth as per COA report as evendenced by several commercial and industrial establishments that have sprouted. And Belive it, Call centers named Teletech and Teleperformance can also be found in Cainta.

Cainta is the “Kakanin Capital of the Philippines” or Simply “Goodies Capital of the Philippines” because of its Bibingka distinctive deliciousness. Read more ..

Moreover, Aside of San Mateo Rizal, Cainta is considered as the Second Gateway to the East towards the rest of Rizal Province. The location of Cainta is bounded on the north by Marikina City and Antipolo City but not bounded San Mateo, on the west by Pasig City, and on the east and south by Taytay. If you came from Cubao, there are lot of Jeepneys near Araneta bound Cainta and if you came from Ortigas just take a Bus bound to Taytay, it will pass through Cainta.

The Municipality of Cainta is politically subdivided into seven Barangays.

San Andres (Pob.)
San Isidro
San Juan
San Roque
Santa Rosa
Santo Domingo
Santo Niño

Even if Cainta is part of Rizal, currently it is still under the management of the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) that monitored the Traffic Situation.

Our First target is to Visit the ecclesiastical Cainta Church named Our Lady of Light Parish, one of the oldest churches in Rizal Province. The Church architectural design is Baroque and made up of Adobe, sand, gravel, Portland cement, mortar and steel will really amazed you. It is Located along the busiest street of the Town “A. Bonifacio Ave.,” in Barangay San Andres.  Read more ..….

Next on the Line we visit was the Cainta Bantayog ng mga Bayani.. Read more..

Visiting Cainta was the Start of my Rizal Travel Challenge, It was first day. And it was memorable… since it was a proof that we can finish this challenge if we start at the beginning.

Next Municipality : Taytay, Rizal.

📍 Location: Cainta, Rizal, Philippines

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