๐Ÿ“น It was so Unlawful in the World of Customer Service Representative. – William Pombo.

In this video post, I’ll be featuring my friend William “Princess” Pombo into a reaction video episode. He will be listening a (not so good) call between a customer and a technical support representative.

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William “Princess” Pombo is working in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) for five years now. He cached me up in my home and I let him listened a call while recording his reaction. The call was about a technical issue of a newly-buy laptop. The caller needs help on getting a new battery by calling the technical support. However, the TSR didn’t get the root cause of the problem; instead, he stocked into the script of the call and didn’t come up the resolution into a timely manner.

“That was unlawful in the world of CSR”, Pombo said.

“Even in a simple social conversation, you’ll get irritated when someone kept asking you the same question over and over even if you already gave the information” he added.
Meanwhile, the said call became viral in the social media –facebook. It was shared several times by BPO workers and went trending.  I also let Mellisa Perilla listened the same call in a separate video (Click here), Mellisa Perilla is a process trainer in a BPO company.

Watch the video below as William Pombo listens and reacts such call. Please also don’t forget to subscribe my Youtube Channel (CLICK HERE). It is for free and you’ll get free updates to my future uploaded videos.


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