๐Ÿ“น Visiting My Beloved Past Grandparents.

This Blog post is part of my Bohol Travel, as I went back home to the province where I grew up to celebrate the FIESTA and join the Alumni –homecoming, after 15 years.
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In this video - part of my “Bohol Homecoming” is to drop by and visit my grandparents’ remains at the memorial garden of San Isidro, Bohol. I promised to myself that I wouldn’t push the boat out at the fiesta and alumni reunion alone without visiting my two beloved individuals who were part of who I am today-My Lola Rita and Lolo Roman.

It was too sad because I wasn't able to attend on their both burials in two separate events due to the call of my work. I was working in a BPO company that time and they didn't allow me to go home since they're not my legally immediate family. It was painful to me because they're the one who nurtured me since birth up until I graduated high school. They’re even my parents to be real.

But it’s not too late to visit them, isn’t it? Because I knew they understand me during the time that I need to prioritize my work. I may lose them and simultaneously lost my job if ever I went home for the burial. It was not easy for me chose my job over these people who took care of me and supported me when I need a parent’s figure. Mostly, if your relatives in the province can’t understand me – on my decision. They thought that I already forgot where I came from; they assumed that I’ve changed since I’m now residing in the metro.

Indeed, reminiscing those times will always haunt me. But I was trying to be strong that time-trying to sugar-coat everything that perhaps my past Lola and Lolo understood my situation. I just ignored the condemnation that I got from my micro-minded relatives. What matters the most, I love my Grandparents and it doesn’t mean that without my existence on their last day, I already forgot them.

Sorry! This post is kind of emotional.

Watch my Vlog:

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๐Ÿ“ Location: Antequera - San Isidro - Libertad Rd, San Isidro, Bohol, Philippines

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