Watch : Poi Dancing in Calaguas Island.

Thank you Rei Gallardo for capturing this

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The first time I was able to watch and got amazed  of this super entertaining Poi dancing was in Boracay . It was performed by Boracay Phoenix Fire Dancers. I truly admired on how they executed the dance using the fire. The production was visually pleasant.

By then, I started to study it on my own by watching videos in youtube. ..

Luckily, last year while i traveled in Puerto Princesa  City ( in Pristine Beach to be specific ). I met this local who taught me some techniques. It was very challenging in my part.

But April 5,2014 was the day that I met Eca in Calaguas Island , she is a Poi dancer and she taught me how to dance . "You just feel the music and create your own choreography , you just let go your feeling."she said. " If you let your feeling controlled the dance, the Poi will automatically follows "she added.

So I started to dance with music,

Thank you Vin Bruts for this image

First... I reminisced the gracefulness of Boracay Fire Dancer
  Second... I applied the techniques that i learned  from Puerto Princesa local
     and Finaly...  I danced from my heart like Miss Eca Taught me..

Vin Bruts is on gray shirt and Rei Gallardo on green sando, its me behind Vin

Hope you like it...  
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