Travel is to die for : A start of Friendship

I want to write today , thats  it!

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I am very emotional today so i decided to write from my heart.
I dont know why i felt emptiness today? I just got from Travel in Calaguas Island April 4-6, 2014 and supposedly  i am refreshed. Maybe it just a post travel syndrome. 

I can still remember those happy moments with random people I've met during the travel in Camarines Norte. Sharing thought from those people even though we barely knew each other.

experienced bar hopping, night party, 
drinks and smoke.. name it.. but for me travel
 is the best thing i ever had." says J
ennifer Valencia Ignacio. She works in 
a BPO Industry in Makati. " You should travel but you 
have also to save for your self. We have also
 to be prepared like the preparation 
you did in every travel. Invest your money
 like how you invest memories" She added."In travel , you will learned how to value every centavo"

" I rather save my money for my travel rather than spending it in Starbucks"

" Travel is more fun. "

Bernard Medrano
" Im planning to file a loan in SSS in preparation for my travel this August to Palawan" Bernard Medrano says. He is a site engineer in Taguig. " I always allocate my income for my travel. Travel is one way for me to continue working. Because it motivates me to be more productive , to be focus and to be efficient because i know to myself that i have something to look forward." He shared. 
Marinette Atuel Galo and  Julieto Espra
I also had a chance to talk this couple maded Marinette Atuel Galo and  Julieto Espra who always travel. " We travel because its our way to bond the two of us. We spend less but we make sure that we enjoy in every escapades. We shared every misadventures that made the two of us stronger. " they said. The two of  them  are working under the Department of Justice.

Truly, everyone of us have monthly bills to pay. But we also have consider that life is too short to get stressed from all those payments. Scarcity is a hindrance. But as long as you make travel happens that is very important.

By doing a short talk to these people, I was really happy that sometimes travel is not just all bout the place but the people also. Undeniably, ‘We meet People maybe because we are either meant to change their lives or ours.

From then, our friendship started. We keep in touch using Facebook.. alerting each one of us ,if there is an affordable travel.

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