You’ll Never Understand Me until You Go with Me.

I can even afford escaping one meal a day just to save up of my Travel
The Amazing Calaguas Island during my Travel Captured by Vin Bruts
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We have different interests that made us distinctive from one another. And that interest in our life reflects of who we are.

My friends and coworkers often misinterpret me because of my unique interest. If they invited me to watch movie, then I can easily decline their invitations. If they invited me to go out for Night Life, then I ignored their offer. But if stranger invited me for a travel, then right away I’ll go for it.

Why? Because of “INTEREST”. My Interest to Travel.
Bella Donna as she allocates her budget during our Baler Travel
“Nagsasayang ka lang ng pera (You are just wasting your money)”, my officemate said. But I just reacted with a smile with the statement “I can always make money, But I can’t always make memories”. Memories and experiences that will never always happen unless if I will go outside in a box – Priceless things and worth spending fo.

Wanderlust is a strong desire and impulse to wander, travel and explore. The feeling that motivates me to work hard so that I can travel harder. I saved-up a portion of my income for my travel, honestly majority of the portion was allocated for travel. In fact, I can afford escaping one meal a day just to save for my Travel. Wanderlust is more than the want to travel. It is a kind of feeling that you NEED to travel, usually because your mind requires a new outlook, and you feel, not quite trapped in your own location, but, more likely, nothing new is happening there.

So, when the wanderlust is on you, you have to go..

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Moreover, I even sacrificed and sold my pet “Rocco” , a Pomeranian just to subsidies my wanderlust. I got “Rocco” when he was 3 months puppy for PHP12, 000 but after 1 year and half I decided to sacrifice him for PHP8, 000. I was emotionally attached to “Rocco” but my strong desire to wander dominates.

Palitan mo naman ang Cellphone mo ( You should buy new cellphone)”, my friend told me. My phone is almost 4 years with me. It has no camera, non-touch screen and non-smart phone. I’m not even jealous to those friends of mine who owned an Iphone and Samsung, not even in my dreams that I am wishing to have one. Not even planning to have branded get up and outfits.   But if friends of mine will shares his travel stories and that will be the time that I will feel envy.

Mag-ipon ka naman para sa future mo (you should save for your future)”, another officemate said.

It’s not just that I’m not worry about my future. Of course every one of us is dreaming to have a stable life and that’s why we are working it out now. Remember that our future will depends on how you live at the present. So for me, I am travelling now because I am dreaming to be a full time traveler. I am spending most of my budget to travel because I am investing my future – an investment of memories; I know I am not getting younger.

It's more fun to meet people with same interest . You tend to understand each other. ( Photo taken in Sabang Beach , Baler )
I am not dreaming a car hence I am dreaming a ride. I am not wishing for money however, I am dreaming to have the capacity of spending. I don’t want to be rich; all I want is to be free. I am not working for sustenance but I want a meal. I don’t want to own a house but a home. I want to live life to the fullest and experience what life can offer – simple life.
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