My Puerto Galera Chronicle Part 8: Tips , Tricks and Words of Warning

Bye Galera ! Im going home.

Hello Guys and Gals! Huge thanks to all who follow and read my Puerto Galera Escapade. I certainly appreciate on your response via email. I received bulk of emails with various reactions. Honestly, it was a strong decision I made when I disclosed my story online. I received feedbacks from my relatives, workmates, and close friends and to my online acquaintances – but no need for me to explain. Some were asking and some were giving suggestions.

As I completed my Puerto Galera Adventure, Let me leave you this blog post that tackles about - Tips, Tricks and Word of Warning. These are things that you might just ignore but these are point of view that you may use for your future reference.

Tips :

Tent or Room? – This is one question that I also asked to myself before going to Puerto Galera. I have my own tent idle so why not use it. Is it permitted to install?

Bahay Bahayan : couple at their mansion (este tent)
I ended up in a Puerto Galera’s website and it was stated there that Tent is not allowed. But here’s the thing during my stay, Tent is allowed in Puerto Galera, however you need to pay PHP500 / 24 hrs in a specific area (Tent City) so that you can install your tent. Or if you don’t have tent, you can rent one tent for PHP500 /24 hrs. Plus another PHP500 / 24 hrs. for the place. So imagine, Php 1000.00 for one day.

But as far as I noticed, there were few tourists who installed their tent at the beach – located far from the crowd (maybe because they are avoiding the Tanod’s confrontation.) But believe me; it’s working for the others.

Meanwhile, Room which is not air-conditioned is amounting to php 4000 - 5000 up (peak season). The advantage of choosing room is the security of your personal belongings- laptop, phone, camera and etc. But truly, Mabigat sa Bulsa. So might as well, share it with your friends. Moreover, I never recommend an air-conditioned (if you are resilient or traveling w/o baby) because you will spend most of your time outside rather than staying inside (e.g. night party, beach bumming and etc.) or else LUGI KA.

Be friendly - be friendly to anybody especially if you go to the party alone. Surely, you will have a drink for free as long as you know how to smile.  Just stare any of the guys dancing; do some flirting and smile.
But you have to be careful and cautious on accepting a drink or else you will wake up next day naked in other room. ( or worst, your video scandal will become viral LOL).


Single or Round Trip Ticket? When I arrived at Batangas Port I have to buy my ticket. At the ticket both I noticed the prices accdg to its destination. Prices also vary in different Ferry Companies. I bought one way ticket since I don’t know when we will go home. One way ticket is PHP 275 and two-way is mounting to PHP500. So you can save PHP 50 as a result.

Therefore, it would be better if you purchase your two way ticket right at Batangas Port. Don’t worry if you don’t have specific date  and time going back to Batangas because; here is the thing, Once you arrived at Puerto Galera, you will be asked to go to your corresponding ferry company to confirm your trip. So it’s almost the same process if you will buy your ticket there. The advantage is that you saved PHP50 because you already bought it for PHP500 unlike if you will buy it there for another PHP275.

Lesson learned...

 Solo or Group Vacation? –Mike stated to his website: Prices can be luxurious, especially during the Holy Week, when the businesses there become opportunists. How expensive, exactly? Well, during off-peak season, accommodation prices can be as low as P500 per night for an air-conditioned room – that inflates to well over P4, 000 during peak season. Solution: when visiting, go with friends so you share the expenses. Many resorts offer group packages for a minimum of 10 persons worth around 1800 pesos per person per day inclusive of ferry, meals and accommodation. Other resorts offer tour packages to Puerto Galera’s numerous tourist spots, like Bayanan Beach, Haligi Beach, Bulabod Beach, Tamaraw Falls and Tukuran Hidden Paradise.

There are many resorts in White Beach which offer rooms with aircon, cable TV and hot/cold shower. The room rates vary according to the season: when it’s normal season (June to October), a room will range from 1000 to 1500 (good for 2 persons), when it’s high season (November to May), the same room will range from 1500 to 400. – Outrage Magazine

 Cheaper Foods?
It is very impossible for you guys to find least expensive foods in Puerto Galera especially at the beach front wherein restaurants are located. Imagine just a Tapsilog amounting to PHP120 -180 per order- that’s too expensive right? But you just need to be adventurous; behind the establishments you will find eateries that offer 50 pesos per meal including one rice and one dish (free soup and water). So it’s a huge saving for you who travels the cheapest way possible.

As for the expenses (e.g. food, drinks), don’t frequent the seaside restos – instead, leave that for the evenings (when you have to see and be seen) and discover the venues inland at other times of the day.

In addition, bottled water is pretty expensive. Be tactful – you can bring your own and never buy even at the port of Batangas coz it’s also expensive.

Word of Warning:

Hoy Kuya ! Dont leave your camera.
Dampot Gang.- there are many cases of robbery reported in Barangay. So be careful of your belongings especially if you are going to swim and due to excitement you will leave your important things at one spot of the beach – phone, camera and wallet. According to a local resident whom I had a short conversation that mostly of “Kawatan” are tourists also. “ Walang magnanakaw na local dito, kasi kung pagala-gala ang mga local sa beach , kilala na agad ng mga barangay police.

Even your pair of flip-flops, it will vanish in just a wink of an eye if you are going to leave it. So be cautious..

Pink Money – My friend Mike told me about the flesh selling of the beach. “Beware of the sex workers (or self-identified “straights,” both locals and those visiting) who are into “fun” for money (this started only around 2004).” He said. “Particularly, when visiting the landmarks (Jurrasic Park or Rockwell), they tend to compete with other gay guys for your attention – except that, when something is about to happen, they demand some form of payment. So beware…” he stressed.
PUSH MO YAN : "My tanned skin will fade away but my memories in Puerto Galera will last for a lifetime."

So Itchy – There are lot of creatures that bite in the water, causing breakouts or whatever that can ruin the look when it’s time to party - (e.g. jelly sting, sand bugs, et cetera).

 Spread Love not the Virus - And lastly, bring condoms for protection (people tend to forget, especially when they’re drunk, that it is always NEEDED). Why I say so? Well that’s the thing that you need to find out next summer.
I knew now my status : As I underwent a free HIV test at Puerto Galera. It took 15mins to wait for he result and you will also get free condom afterwards. 
Puerto Galera may have its attraction, but it isn’t perfect. However, those imperfections make the place more interesting. So I hope you guys are open-minded and try a new adventure at Puerto Gay-lera. By that, you will learn to understand diversity.
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