Are you into Backpacking or Glampacking ?

Mukang di na nga ata matutugunan tong pagnanasa na to! (It seems that there’s no way for me to placate this desire).
“Mukang di na nga ata matutugunan tong pagnanasa na to! (It seems that there’s no way for me to placate this desire).

It’s been one year now and I am still satisfying my wanderlust. “Mukang di na nga ata matutugunan tong pagnanasa na to. (It seems that there’s no way for me to placate this desire).” Therefore I need to work harder just to earn more for my travel – my travel attitude will depend on the income and budget that I allotted, it might be a budget-friend travel or a luxurious travel which will work best for me.

There are two forms of travelling based on your budget, the Glampacking and Backpacking.

Backpacking is a practice of low-cost and independent wandering. It is generally an extended journey or walks with a backpack which includes wilderness adventures, local travel and travel to nearby counties while working from the country in which they are based. Backpacking is performed by travelers called as Backpacker – mostly it associated with young adults who generally have fewer obligations and thus more time to travel. But based on my experience while meeting random backpackers during my travel, backpackers are those individuals came from different economic status, personality, culture and perception. But one thing is common with them – the mindset to travel. Backpacking can be done by solo, duo or group. And majority of backpackers do it by their own for soul-searching.

Backpackers bring things that are easily carried for long distances or long periods of time (pack light); the use of public transport (commute); inexpensive lodging such as youth hostels or couch surfing; a longer duration of the trip when compared with conventional vacations; and an interest in meeting the locals as well as seeing the sights. Moreover, backpacking in the Philippines (and/or other countries in Southeast Asia) is currently growing. It is a lifestyle (as other defined) and as a business has grown; undeniably it result to low-cost airlines and hostels or budget accommodations in many parts of the world. It helps to promote local tourism because most of backpackers are bloggers and writers.  

Backpackers can be also categorized as mountaineering (who are fanatic of climbing mountains), trekker (who always move from one location to other location) and beach bummer (who wants to install tent or hammock at the beach than staying in hotel).  Typical backpackers are price-conscious.

Meanwhile, Glampacking is an elegant kind of travel with slightly better budget. It comes from the words Glamorous Packing. It is a style of travelling wherein you need to prepare your stuffs, your financial aspects, and your total readiness as a traveler.  Glam packers are financially stable individuals who only do travelling just to escape the daily routine from their work or life. They opted to stay in luxurious hotels and resorts for a specific length of time -It has something to do with words such as luggage, fashion get up and personal things that used for comfortably during the span of the vacation

Glampacking is associated to someone who travels especially during holidays. The main goals are relaxation and stress easing rather than meeting locals and witnessing the wonder of nature. It can also considered as going out to other countries just for shopping – Thailand, Singapore or Paris. Famous places for glampacking are countries located in Europe.
Moreover, other backpackers will label you as glampacker if you are first timer in backpacking due to the way you respond towards the misadventures during travel (e.g. you’re not at ease sleeping in an open area, eat local foods and you can’t leave without wash room). They want to be pampered and enjoy the entire trip with convenience. Therefore they will spend more just to have it –to feel glamorous while traveling.

Things I noticed with them; they always carry disinfectant hand lotion, don’t wear dirty clothes and get their clothes dry-cleaned, “pack light” is not in their mindset however they always pay extra for their luggage just to bring more clothes.

Undeniably, in one aspect of my life of travelling, I used to be a glampacker but later on I learnt how to be resilient and become a backpacker. Especially if you are travelling spontaneously, unconsciously you will become more tactful, more effective and efficient in allocating your money for travel. Currently, I still joined when I had a chance to do glam packing with my friends, provided with enough fund.

Are you a backpacker or a glam packer?

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