A Beam of Breakthrough: I Love Tansyong’s One Year Anniversary.

It was just a vision, a dream to live a life that I want. June 2013, when I started to browse my Facebook pictures and I noticed that most of them -were travel. I started to write it (on my diary), and it leads me to come up with my online journal entitled “I Love Tansyong”.

I work …I Travel…, I become…..

I work

Others told me that my hobby is too expensive; I should work and save for my future, I must prepare ahead of time for my life instead of traveling. I answered “It is not a hobby, it is my life. That is why I worked hard so that I can Travel more.” In fact, I don’t even have any other source of income since the day I started to travel except my job as a Call Center Agent which I considered as my bread and butter – paying my monthly electric bill, water bill, house rent, cable and internet connection .

But as a full time employee, it is really hard to do it simultaneously. Weekends, vacation leaves, sick leaves, and holidays are only my best friends. And the challenges are how to manage my time scarce resources and how to maintain my health just to work and wander at the same time. But after one year of those fracases, the important is “I still made it”.

I Travel

Looking back at the past one year, I am very thankful that in the middle of my trip I witnessed and experienced a lot of things -things that I can surely be proud of - because not anybody had given a chance to do it. Who would expect that I did three days travel for only PHP500 and Puerto Princesa City for six days amounting to PHP 4500 all-in.]

During my travels, I learned lessons that I can never get inside in a four-corner classroom. Who would expect that in Boracay was my first recreational drug experience and who would thought that I did something exciting last summer in Puerto Galera.-Things that I can never forget in my entire life. I also had a chance to do Yoga, Frisbee, Poi Dancing, Biking , Surfing and Etc...- Adventures and electrifying activities that gave me the meaning true of “CALCULATED RISK TAKING”.

I also had a chance to meet random people- in the bus, ship or airport or even in the destination. (e.g. locals, travel bloggers, globe trotters, businessmen , Magazine Editor in chief and etc). Those people that will change your perception and bring you out the reality of the “outside world” – people that are willing to share their life stories so that you can use it on your future travel.

I Become

After one year of wanderlust, honestly upon checking my bank account, I just realized that I don’t have any more savings for my emergency fund. But when I looked back on the happenings within the past year, I also realized the enjoyment which is very priceless no matter how much the remaining balance of my saving is. I become a better person- the fulfillment is an indescribable feeling. I was able to witness the reality of the outside world on my own- without media feeds, news or tales from other travelers, however, I, myself, and I  was able to see it with my naked eye.

Undeniably, a beam of my lips is the sign of the breakthrough of my one-year travel blogging. A smile… laughter.. Learnings...are the prizes of those hardships. It’s not all about the place, destination, and adventures but discovering “me, myself” in the middle of the voyage is the important thing I acquired. I Work... I Travel... I become a NOMAD

Thank you so much for supporting my blog. To all my friends and readers; you guys inspired me to continue this milestone. Who would expect that I conquered ONE YEAR..- ONE YEAR of SMILE.

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