A Call Center Girl Shouts Vacation at Last!

Edna De Lara , A call center girl rediscovers the Lubang Island after she escapes from her stressful  work. She shouts " VACATION AT LAST" 

When you are exposed to work for a long time and you feel like being exhausted all that you’ll be longing for is a vacation, a little break or even just a bit of relaxation you’ll consider it a golden time, and when the opportunity comes all that you can say is “vacation at last “- all you going to feel is relief .This is how my vacation goes.

My shift starts at 9pm to 6am but I have to be on the bus before 6am. So what I did is I requested to have an early out and luckily may boss allowed me to do so

Coastal Bus Terminal is just a few minutes away from my office. I jaunt a taxi going there, taxi fare would be 80 pesos since there is no heavy traffic - it was early in the morning and the Bus terminal is just a few meters away from SM moa. From Coastal Mall I galloped on a CELYROSA BUS going to Calatagan which takes 3 hours travel time , I opted an ordinary bus because Airconditioned buses trip are scheduled  to depart at 7am  and If I’m going to wait for it, there is a possibility that I won’t be able to catch up the ferry boat going to Lubang Island .

                 Calatagan is one of the towns in the province of Batangas, It has its own port since it’s a town is near the seashore or should I say it’s a place surrounded by sea -no wonder there are  lot of beautiful  beaches situated in this place such as Ronco Beach Resort ,Blue Waters Beach  &  Lago de Oro to mention few. From Calatagan bus Terminal, I need to ride a tricycle going to Calatagan port, accordingly the fare is 15pesos. The simple design of the port is intended to accommodate small vessels like fishing vessel which locally known as (BASNIG) which used to catch fish-it has its own crews. It is also intended and/or considered as an entry point for all the Ferry boats (“Bangka”) bound to various places in Mindoro.

            From Calatagan Port I just have to wait for the Ferry boat that is bound to Lubang Island -fare is 500 pesos but lately they decreased it to 400 pesos with terminal fee amounting to 15 pesos... Boats  bound to Lubang Island depart at exactly 11am meaning if you arrived too early , I can suggest that you rove around  like you can buy goodies at the market because it is just a tricycle ride-away from the pier( fare is 20 pesos which will cost you 40 pesos back in fort). There are available tropical fruits to buy which is least expensive compared in Metro Manila indeed it is more convenient. You can proceed inside the boat even if it’s not yet boarding time and stay there until the departure.

               Travelling via ferry is more relaxing to me .In fact I always choose to sit adjacent to the window; aside from comfortability, I can appreciate the panoramic view and breathe fresh air.

Lubang Island was a natural entrepΓ΄t and was situated at the crossroads of sea routes of several major early historical polities in the Philippines.The trip between Calatagan and the Port of Lubang at Tilik takes approximately two hours. M/B God's Grace II & III Lubang Island Group has two public sea ports – one in the town of Lubang (Tilik) Location, one in Cabra Island, Lubang, Mindoro Occidental, Philippines the archipelago through Verde Island Passage, one of busiest sea routes of the Philippines.

            Undeniably this place is full of beautiful beaches and scenecal views aside from historical stories that this place has to share is the last japanese gerilla was captured in this island by the name of Hiroo Onoda, who has died at 91, He was a Japanese soldier who surrendered in the Philippines 29 years after World War II in the place called onoda cave in Lubang Island.
In Lubang Island is the place where my son is currently studying, and that is my reason why I kept on visiting this place. I was able to rove the entire proximity and embrace the astonishing nature. Far from the nature of my nerve-racking work- fast pacing lifestyle and stressful environment. “ VACATION AT LAST”!

Edna De Lara is a 35 year old strong woman and a mom of 12 years old boy, who believes that travelling, is a way for you to escape the stressful work. She works in a BPO company every weekdays and she still allocates her weekend to travel (sans laundry and house cleaning). She finished Bachelor of Science in Business Administration major in Management at New Era University QC. “I travel for soulsearching” she said.
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  1. Thank you nathan for publishing my story ..the picture below shows crabs captured from the sea of Lubang Island.This maybe not the biggest crabs on capture but the taste is guaranteed you should try it someday. Im so pleased & thankful for giving me the chance to share my travel experience here in your successful and amicably amazing travel blog site,don't stop sharing good experiences and lessons you learn from your journey.

  2. Thank you Bhing Del Barrio for sharing you story and selecting/trusting " I Love Tansyong : The Best of Tansyong's Travel" looking forward for your next #travel.


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