My Puerto Galera Chronicle Part 6 : What Ever Happened in Galera Stays in Galera.

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I’ve been to Boracay and experienced the nightlife there. Truly Boracay has a vibrant nightlife and if there was a beach that had a nightlife that’s as lively as Boracay’s, it would have to be Puerto Galera. Yes, the stretch of “White Beach” shoreline is the witness how really exciting this place when the sunset starts.

At night, the establishments by the beach are filled with party-goers. Or should I say those individuals looking for hook ups .When darkness comes, it’s a great time for bar-hopping and making new friends. After partying the night away, you could just sit on the beach and witness a brilliant sunrise, and then say, “What happened in Puerto Galera, stays in Puerto Galera”
“What happened in Puerto Galera, stays in Puerto Galera”- Oh it’s a big no no to me. What happened to me in this place is worth writing for.  Actually, while scripting this story, I had a doubt to continue writing and posting it in my blog – maybe it’s a kinda awkward or whatever worries me is the reaction of my readers.  Well that’s reality, sometimes we are all afraid on admitting our failures and mistakes in public (remember Venus Rah’s Q and A). But what happened to me in Puerto Galera is part of my travel and if I won’t write about it, it’s like I am stealing one thing in myself. And it’s like I am deleting a part of my life and trying to avoid it – a thing wherein it really happened to me.

The first Sunset – That was Good Friday April 18, 2014. 5PM – We were together with my newly friends in Coco Aroma (restobar). We started drinking beer while waiting for the astonishing sunset. Everyone had fun and we were introduced to each other – names, jobs, etc... Until I realized that I had way too much to drink.

Mike (my friend) introduced me to Mark – A Deaf. Well, he is truly young and good looking man. At first I had hard time to converse him since I’m not capable of doing sign language. “ Ikaw na bahala sa kanya (You take care of him)” Mike said to me. “Diko to kaya kausapin (I can’t talk to him)” I answered.  There were silence exist between the two of us.

All of them were staring towards us (Mark and I). They were like expecting more from the two of us –I felt strange exist. “ Oy bagay kayo (You guys have a chemistry) ” one of them said.  “You guys are both single right? Ayeeh Right timing” another friend uttered. I grabbed my phone and write this “Let’s go to the beach”, I let Mark read this message and we decided to separate from the group since we become now the center of fun. Text message is the only medium of our communication. He is “Deaf” and I am “Hearing” we are totally come from two different world but we still communicate clearly.

The color of the sky was orange due to the sunset. The instant was perfect for a romantic moment. We sauntered as if we don’t know our destination. I noticed that this man is truly gorgeous because of other men were staring at him – maybe because of his physique or it can be his flawless skin which stands out at the beach. I was dizzy that time; I still had the bottle of beer in my hand while walking and still drinking it. He started to hold my shoulder and supports me while walking the stretch of the shore. We ended up to the extremely end of the beach (AKA Jurassic park) wherein there were only other few couples having intimate moments.

It was almost 6:30PM and darkness started to embrace the surroundings. We both opted to sit for a while below at the cliff (AKA Jurassic park). We started to converse using my phone through texting- about life, work, love life and etc. . . . Until, he holds my hands and kisses me. I retort the act, now this time, more intimate and passionate. I am about to stop him because we came from same circle of friends but half of my mine tells me to continue the moment.  we don’t care about the surrounding; all we care was just the two of us. Until we were surprised, another man started to join us - While few silhouettes were watching and indulging the scene.  I am dizzy that time but I know what I’m doing, it’s just that I don’t have an inhibition to do any stupidity ( or should I say; things that are new to me ). Until we finished cruising, together with the third party who joined us.

After it, we went back to Coco Aroma (8PM) unfortunately Mike and other friends were not there so I have to find them as well as Mark; he also needs to look for his Deaf friends therefore we both parted without saying goodbye. Luckily, I found Mike together with Dante and Paul in one of the restaurants for the dinner. They smiled at me (A meaningful smile). We ate our dinner without telling them what happened between me and Mark, but Mike was really stubborn and he kept asking me. So I disclosed him later on.

After the dinner, we went back to the room to take a power nap (10PM). We have to wake up 12 midnight for “Friday Beach Party”. Actually Party starts at 3PM up to 6AM (except Good Friday since they need to be in silence in respect to Jesus’ Death), so since it was Good Friday, Party starts at 12 midnight Black Saturday.

12 midnight we woke up, everyone was busy fixing themselves – their looks, their outfit and etc. We drink first at the room “ Kailangan natin mag painit muna (We need to warm up)” Dante said. He prepared a hard drink – too hard to the point that we were almost drunk while we were walking ahead towards the Party.

Photo by Micheal Angelo 
The Party was RAVE, HOT and WILD, I thought that Boracay is the only place wherein ecstasy exists (during beach party) but in Puerto Galera, there is. We were dancing and drinking all night long without any reticence. I noticed even my college batch mate who won the title for MR. University (during my college days) with his boyfriend. I saw my workmate who I thought a straight man but then he was kissing with same gender. Indeed, sometimes there are things which are more visually clear in the darkness – things that we shouldn't expect we can discover.

I saw Mark dancing with other man, so I opted to ignore him and let him enjoy the night. I focused myself meeting Mike’s friends who are also writers of Outrage Magazine (since I also write for the said magazine) – socializing. I had also a chance to meet Michael Angelo (Travel Blogger) that time. So totally, I disregarded the man who had shared with me the meaning of sunset a couple hours ago.

Oy bakit di mo daw siya pinapansin, nagtatampo siya sayo. Porket may nagyare na sa inyo (As per Mark, Why you ignored him, is it because you already done doing cruising with him.” Mike whispered me. “Walang hiya ka, nahulog na sayo yung tao (He is in love with you)” he added. I was laughing “That was just fun for me, and besides this is Puerto Galera . And you know what I meant” I answered. “Yes, I understand but Deaf people are very emotionally vulnerable” Mike said. I felt guilt deep within nevertheless the atmosphere is not worth for drama so what I did was indulge the moment and be at the moment.

I was too wasted (extremely wasted), vomiting at the beach... I gave my belongings (phone, pocket money and etc) to Dante to secure those. I continued the night, embracing the night… dancing and meeting new people (as if naman matatandaan ko pa sila),


I woke up inside in a 4x4 wheel drive with someone barely naked... at the back seat there were also two individuals sleeping. I can’t remember what happened, the last thing I remembered was the “vomiting scenario at the beach”…then the rest was history….. Headache… It was 8AM already...

I quickly wore my dress silently and went back to the room...

Maybe you guys after reading this story of mine (especially to those Puerto Galera’s tourists), you might say “Been there done that”. Well, it’s true; my story is not new to you – with the environment, people and the rave culture of the place. I am sure that I am only one of the thousands of holidaymakers who experienced it. But the great multitude preferred to leave their stories in the island, unlike me I chose to bring my story to my readers no matter what will be their reactions. Because, I am writing what really happened, not for myself, not for my blog, however for my readers …
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  1. The sunset is mesmerizing. I bet you had really a blast there at Puerto Galera :D


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