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22 June 2014

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Palawan Bar 2.O: The Oldest MSM Hub in Cubao

When we say PALAWAN BAR , roughly the great multitude of MSM are aware where is that located. Join me as “I Love Tansyong” takes a closer look.

When you are looking for an affordable bar  (PHP 100-PHP300)wherein you can watch unlimited lip-synch performance, then I can recommend you this Bar situated at the stretch of #8 Yale Street Cubao Quezon City named “PALAWAN BAR 2.0”. Getting there is too easy but you have to be cautious because robbery is very rampant within the proximity while walking towards the bar.  Your best landmark if you are from EDSA is the stoplight that crossed the EDSA and Aurora Avenue. From the stop light, just saunter towards the YALE ST (p2) or WEST POINT (P1).   It is open from Mondays through Sundays starting 10:00 pm - 5:00 am.

Battle of Beauties (Photo by Mike David Tan)

Let us take a closer look what's inside (Photo by Mike David Tan)
Palawan bar 2.0 (aka p2) is the high-class version of Palawan Bar 1 aka P1, (which is located along Westpoint Street in Cubao.)-   P2 reminds me of those bars in Malate although much larger and the crowd didn’t seem to mind.  Good thing about this bar compared to P1, the guests dressed well, therefore it looks more expensive and classy.  I would go back to palawan 2 for the crowd. There were no A-listers. more of good B's and C's. 20's to 30's. And contrary to public perception, people were not always in shorts and fllipflops – which is not visually pleasant for me if you go to a bar.

When it comes to business line, I really don’t know what best P2 can offer with. Because there are days that it has Bikini open, sometimes there are stand-up comedians hosting for sing-along, it is also a venue of clan’s battle on beauty or the P2’s redundant lip-synch performance which runs more on clowning humor by drag queens. So there are varieties of entertaining medium they cater.  Indeed, try also to check their washroom – you need to wear a waterproof shoe (boots with a fur) because you will witness a MALABON flood inside. Floor is always wet and I’m not aware if it is mixed of urine, water or drinks.. so grime so I advise the crew to monitor it every now and then.

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But what I love bout the place aside from the well-dressed people is their spacious floor. There are number of tables and chairs, sofas and single stand chairs at the bar whichever you prefer to occupy with.  There’s no need to worry if the floor is too congested because it has a second level wherein you can stay privately esp. if you go out with group. The second level has sofas and table- a sala set up to feel at home.

Kilala na ang Palawan Bar kasi sobrang tagal na kasi nito” as a friend mentioned. “Dekada na ang  binibilang ng PALAWAN BAR. College pa lang ako  nandyan na yan at 29 na ako ngayon” he added.  P2 is the longest running MSM bar in the metro. A huge help maybe is their target market like clans gathering from Marikina, Valenzuela, Rizal, Caloocan and et cetera.

And yeah, when we say clans, those are MSM (not necessarily if it’s BI, GAY or Straight) who ruled the floor – Young and social climber crowd who opted P2 because it’s least expensive unlike OBAR or BED. So if you are looking a YUPPIE type, Palawan is not a place for you – go to OBAR or BED because most of the people here are those MSM s who are still living with their parents. You know what I meant.



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