Pros and Cons: Virgin Beach or Commercialized Beach

As part of month-long celebration for my First Year Anniversary of Travel Blogging, I will be featuring these two kinds of beaches – Virgin and Commercialized Beach. I will be posting the real image and true meaning of “DEVELOPMENT”. I will be sharing my thoughts on how change affect in our nature by comparing the beach of Puerto Galera versus Calaguas Island.
Virgin Beach

April 10, 2014 was my Calaguas Island escapade. The coast is very astounding. It is like a paradise that hides in the middle of the ocean (since you need to surpass those large waves from Pacific Ocean just to reach the Island). It is totally virgin and clean.


SOUL SEARCHING. In Virgin Beach you can easily evaluate your feelings and purposes - related to an internal search for deep meaning in your life. Many solo-travelers chose a place wherein they can easily meditate and Virgin Beach is perfect for that. Just like in Calaguas Island, you can go ahead and sit all day long at the beach without any disturbances- noise and pollution. It is only between you and the nature.

FRESH and STRESS-FREE. In beaches like in Calaguas Island; since it is not that accessible, there are only few visitors in a day. So you can really experience the Island in Authenticity just like a Castaway- no establishments and facilities. With that kind of surrounding, you can easily feel the tranquility. All the foods are fresh and the environment itself –New experience and you will learn to value the meaning of life because of the Rapid change of your ambiance (esp. if you are escaping urban living)

SOLO and LOVERS’ TOP CHOICE. Virgin Beach is advisable for solo traveler who wants to escape from heartache esp if you are heart-broken. Visiting this placid place is one way for you to reflect and express deep consideration to yourself. It fits also to those who want to write a poem, blogs, and etc because you can easily create your thoughts accordingly due to the amazing ambiance. Moreover, it is also suitable for couples who want to spend their time to each other.


But no matter how impeccable the Virgin Beach is, there are also disadvantages and Cons why travelers don’t want to include it in their bucket list.

EASE OF ACCESS. Going to a remote island is not easy. You also have to consider the transportation and the time you need to travel. Why Virgin Beach remain clean and immaculate visually? -Because not everybody is capable to visit that place that result to slow pacing of developing tourism.  Most of virgin beaches of the Philippines are situated in isolated places. So it is not convenience for anybody.

ACCOMMODITIONS and FACILITIES. Imagine sleeping in a hammock or tent is exciting part of going in a remote virgin beach. This is because no establishments will offer you a room for your entire stay. But, what if the “Call of Nature Happened”? Well, that will be the time that you need to be more tactful. But what if “My Camera needs to be recharge”, Well, that will be the time in which you need to prepare power banks or use solar energy gadgets. But what if “I need to check my Facebook or Check my phone”? Well, that will be the time wherein you need to separate yourself outside world because remote places usually had low signal or NO- WIFI at all.

Commercialized Beach

April 18, 2014 was my Puerto Galera Adventure. The beach is also remarkable due to the number of the tourists. It is like a nirvana of innumerable sexy bodies in the stretch of the white beach. The place is very well-developed and it is very saturated with various establishments


NO MAN IS AN ISLAND. Undeniably, man is a social being that cannot exist without his fellows. No one is self-sufficient and everyone relies on another for survival. And in Commercialized Beaches; it is very impossible to experience loneliness. Just like in Puerto Galera or even in Boracay, regardless if you are travelling alone, you can easily meet random people at that place - People that when you meet as acquaintances would end as a friend.

INSTANT. Instant foods are available in many restaurants that suit your taste. You can book your accommodation once you arrived. Bars are open 24 hours that cater the innumerable tourist. There are stores that sell goodies. There are developed amenities. Barangay police roved around to secure the vicinity.

EASY TO VISIT. Most of the families who are planning for summer getaway opted to go the accessible beaches –And majority of commercialized resorts are situated near metro. Indeed, beaches which are located near metro offer 24 hours transportation. So the number of tourist increases that leads into an abundant tourism.


IGNORING THE BEAUTY. If the place is too commercialized and you are an itinerant, you will no longer appreciate the beauty of the nature because your attention is centering now on the amenities, accommodation, and facilities. It’s like you are now indulging the urban living yet in a beach set up.

OVERPOPULATED. Overpopulation may also results into a saturated place. You can no longer experience the relaxation yet noise will imbued thoroughly. In accordance to the number of visitors, the number of crime rate may also increases – robbery. Moreover, every time that you will saunter, you will not experience privacy.

BUSINESS OPPORTUNIST. Prices can be luxurious, especially peak season, when the business owners there become opportunists. They will increase the price since the demand of the place is also growing.

WANNA PLAY DIRTY. Aside from Dirty activities happened (Rave Culture) .Try to look at those various tarpaulins posted around the area; it is visually unpleasant; its looks like you are in the middle of the junkyard. Imagine those innumerable advertisements using different media. Notice those garbage scattered and empty bottles after the night long party. Isn’t it disappointing?
Not surprisingly, each one of us has a preference in choosing our summer destination. We have our own reason why we handpick that place and include it in our bucket list.

When we say development, it has something to do with change – total transformation. But let me ask you, is “Development” gives us  benefits, in what way and how?  It is not an easy road for me to compare these two beaches; because each beach has its own gems (weakness and strength) why tourists visit and why others don’t.

It doesn’t matter to me, either virgin or commercialized beach, as long as the place is worth traveling for and there is FUN waiting ahead.

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