๐ŸŒด 10 Things You Must Do In Marinduque this Holy Week.

Few days from now, Lenten is coming and it is perfect to travel in this season as we can indulge the heat of the summer. Indeed, it is also a vacation from the school, and holidays are coming wherein everyone shouts #walangpasok. Do not just stays at home; instead take advantage of this time to travel with your family and friends. Pack your things and go to Marinduque.

Marinduque is an island province in the Philippines located in Southwestern Tagalog Region or MIMAROPA, formerly designated as Region IV-B. This province is known because of its six towns which you can just saunter in a short span of time. 

When you visit this province, do not forget these things that you must consider including in your itinerary.

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1. Port of Balanacan.

Balanacan Port aka Pantalan ng Balanakan is the major port in the island province of Marinduque, Philippines. It is located at the north-western tip of the province in Barangay Balanacan at the town of Mogpog. Do not forget to take a selfie on the massive statue of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage, you won’t forget it as this will welcome you once you arrive at Balanacan Port in Mogpog.

2.  Dinner at Kusina sa Plaza.

Kusina sa Plaza is located at Mercader St., Municipality of Boac – right adjacent to its infamous plaza in front of the Museum. Ambiance wise, seemingly you are in a Spanish Era as the furniture and the design of the restaurant is very Hispanic-ish.  It is an old house turned into a restaurant. Food wise, it is perfect for your gastronomically craving of Filipino Foods - from a long day of travelling.

3. Visit the Marinduque Ancestral Houses.

Located in the Municipality of Boac – Town proper, are the well-maintained old houses. Consider sauntering around the town and you will get mesmerized by the designs of the houses which truly bring you to the old era.

4. Mat Weaving and handicraft.

Witness the creativity of the inhabitants of Barangay Bonliw, Torrijos, Marinduque as they opened their place to let the visitors experience on how to weave some world class mats and other loom, buntal products.

5. Luzon Datum of 1911 or Station Balanacan, 

Climb until you will reach the top of this hill - Luzon Datum of 1911 or Station Balanacan, and look for this piece of stone marker situated on top of the hill of Mataas na Bundok or Mt. Mataas in Barangay Hinanggayon, town of Mogpog.

6. Ka Amon Cave 

See the bones of the dead Filipinas inside the cave who were allegedly victims of rape and massacre during the Japanese Era. This Cave is located at Torrijos Municipality.

7. Visita Iglesia to the huge Churches.

Since it is Lenten, why not take advantage of visiting the churches of the six towns of Marinduque. You’re able to travel and simultaneously you’re still able to stay connected with the divine power.

8. Island Hopping at Tres Reyes Islands - Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar.

Rent a boat and experience the relaxing beach and exclusivity of these three small islands named   Gaspar, Melchor and Baltazar or Known as Tres Reyes. The blue water and the infinite view of the sea will surely make you feel the real meaning of tranquillity.

9. Get Dirty at the Pottery.

Go back to your childhood, play mud and create a pot. The pottery is located at Torrijos.

10 Join the Moriones Festival

The Moriones is a lenten rites held on Holy Week on the island of Marinduque, Philippines. The "Moriones" are men and women in costumes and masks replicating the garb of biblical Roman soldiers as interpreted by local folks. The Moriones or Moryonan tradition has inspired the creation of other festivals in the Philippines where cultural practices or folk history is turned into street festivals.

๐Ÿ“ Location: Marinduque, Philippines

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