The 500 Pesos Rizal Province Travel Challenge

Rizal Province is located in the CALABARZON, just 16 kilometers east of Manila. The province was named after the country's national hero, José Rizal.
What about the challenge?

Basically, Rizal is my home province since I studied college. In a span of my stay in Rizal, I was not able to rove the whole province. But after a year, together with my friends and co- travelers, we come up a plan to travel the whole Rizal for 500PHP each one of us.  In just for three days , its ocular travel and at the same time a challenge.

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August 9, 2013

1.Municipality of  Cainta 
Cainta Church
Kakanin in Cainta
Bantayog ng mga Bayani

2. Municipality of Taytay
Taytay church
Taytay Garments
Taytay Wood Craft

3. City of Antipolo
Casa Santa Museum
Jardin de Miramar

August 10, 2013

1.Municipality of Morong
2.Municipality of Baras
Baras Church
3.Municipality of Tanay
Tanay Municipal hall
Tanay Rizal Veterans Memorial 
National Inland Fisheries Technology Center
Tanay Church
Daranak Falls and Rock Balancing
4.Municipality of Pililia
Bulawan Floating Restaurant
5.Municipality of Teresa
6.Municipality of Jala Jala
Fish Industry in JalaJala

August 11, 2013

1.Municipality of Cardona
2.Municipality of Binangonan
3.Municipality of Angono
4.Thunder Bird Resort

Who are the challengers?

Normarei Villamater

Aka Norie, a photo enthusiast, who is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management. She is currently working as a photographer in an advertising and media company situated in Taguig City. She is known as a small battery ball, when she captured those dramatic photos that made her famous in every photo essay contest. She is also a former Editor in chief of The Pillar Publication for the graphic department. Some of her photo was also published in some of the magazine. For now aside her job, she spent her idle time in Travelling and posting it to her Tumblr account.

Dhen Bautista Soriano
A graduate of Hotel and restaurant management and currently working as a tourism officer of Morong Rizal.She is also a true blooded nomad girl. She loves photography and currently she is one of my travel partners anytime we want to escape our comfort zone. Her favorite place is Bohol wherein she shout out her sentiment online about the devastating 7.2 Earthquake in Bohol. Click here

Mer Irene Ondoc.

A fashionista traveler who is a former Editor in chief of The Pillar Publication. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Banking and Finance and currently a corporate girl in Eastwod Libis. This crazy fashionista is also one of my travel partners where-in every travel we had, we usually took our picture with acrobatic act.

Jonathan Orbuda

As always, your friend online. Actually, I don’t want to say something about myself. Remember, “ “Walang taong nagsusulat ng kanyang talambuhay na siya ang kontrabida, at ayaw ko ibida ang sarili ko” Just click here to read about me
Ricjosef Dimatulac

A copyright head of the team, yes, and this man is a former copyreader of the Pillar Publication. In every travel, food tasting is his favorite part of travel. He is an accountancy graduate and aside from being a journalist by heart, he is also a photography aficionado. He spent mostly of his budget in Food and travel, because of him we cant forget to skip our meal in every travel we had. But for now, he is also a corporate boy during his weekdays.

📍 Location: Rizal, Philippines

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