What should I expect ahead?

Strike while the Iron is hot. This was the phrase that reminds me when I was planning to start a Travel, Travel Blogging to be specific. From my fresh Ideas, to come up with topic in very articles, up until I was able to publish online my stories about my journey. I said it to myself that I have to make it as soon as possible while my mindset was still eager and powerful to make those impossible ideas happen.

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I been writing and travelling, but I asked myself what should I expect ahead? Maybe one year from now, then who Am I? Very tough question that even other traveler cannot answer it to be specific. I also write an article about “Reasons Why to create a blog?” but after that what are those things that I need to prepare?

World is very huge, maybe someday I can rove around the world but after that, is there anything else waiting for me?

Lot of questions, which bothered me every time I travel, Should I expect better or for worst waiting ahead for me? Am I prepared for this? Or is it all in my mind?

While also reflecting every morning I woke up with a cup of coffee during travel, Today is a brand new day therefore a brand new story.

Truly, travelling is not just being physically and financially prepared, but what a matter most is psychologically and emotionally preparation. For me to embrace the entire world and become a true traveler, I need to give up everything what I have. I need to let go my Job, my friends and all the factors that hinds me to travel the whole world and I need to go out from my comfort zone. But the question is am I prepared for it? There are Pros and Cons that I need to consider, but I need also to take risk in every decision of my life due to the fact that a person who is afraid to take risk will not enjoy life.

Today, I am currently employed and I am working for a living. I know that my Job is my bread and butter. But I have to choose, do I need to give up my work so that I can travel spontaneously or Do I need to work and fighting for “One day or two day vacation leave” every time I Travel?.  This November, I have lot of scheduled Travel (all set) but my “vacation leave” was disapproved, it was very frustrating to me, so frustrating!

I come up this article based on what I’m feeling write now. I am upset, due to the fact that I felt I’m a detainee, Prisoner, without freedom. I found out traveling as a stress reliever from my entire day of work. Traveling is one reason why I strive hard because if I earned money I can sustain my wanderlust. Today, I am currently in a state of predicament, to resign or not.

Life is full of challenge, in an infinite numbers of things that needs a decision making. Remember, you cannot worship two Gods at the same time. So I have to choose one!  But remember also, you can love two persons at the same time but not at the same level, so therefore I can do traveling and working simultaneously but the effectiveness is not in the same level and one will suffer ,So difficult, So much!

For now, maybe I need to sleep first and relax my emotion. My friend told me, Don’t make any decision if you are upset and Don’t make any promises during happiness.

Answering the Question “What should I expect ahead?” is just like the feeling of answering the question during your travel ‘”What should I expect ahead in my destination?” too difficult to answer but looking forward for fun. Make sense?
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  1. There will be situations like this that will push you outside of your comfort zone. "Live your life to the fullest potential and fight for your dreams."

    1. Yes, that is true, there are instances and i know everyone are aware of that


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