The Huge and Comfortable Asian Development Bank Library

What is ADB Library? (As per

The Asian Development Bank Library (ADB Library) supports the information needs of ADB staff, using a collection of more than 77,000 titles that include books, journals, newspapers, commercial databases, Internet-based publications, and newswires.

The Library's service brings the collection to its users by offering reference and research assistance, current awareness profiles, document delivery, acquisition of information products, tutorials on the use of electronic databases, tours, and briefings.

Centered on ADB's Communities of Practice, the Library focuses on the organization's priority sectors and themes, which include Education, Energy, Environment, Finance and Trade, Gender and Social Development, Governance, Health, Regional Cooperation and Integration, Transport, Urban, and Water.

Designed and managed as a collaborative as well as research space, the library hosts meetings and seminars related to ADB's Communities of Practice and book launches that showcase ADB publications.

The library is open to external researchers, provided advanced notice is given through written request to the Head, Information Resources and Services, or authorized library staff.(Info from ADB.Org)

How to get into ADB Library?
Asian Development Bank Library is located inside the ADB Headquarters. The compound is located at the heart of Ortigas Center along 6 ADB Avenue, Mandaluyong City.

If you came from Edsa via Bus. Get off at Robinson's Galleria. Walk along Poveda Avenue towards ADB Avenue.Or You take the MRT, go down in Ortigas station. Walk to Robinson's Galleria back, and the ADB Avenue is just nearby.

Don’t Worry Here is the Map:

Tips to all external researchers of ADB Library.

If you are a traveler and you are looking for information about travelling in a specific country (esp in Asian countries), ADB library is perfect for you. The library offers widest and latest information about Tour and travel. Inside the huge and comfortable library you can do the reading while having a coffee and pastry because Starbucks is available here. Yes, you heard it right, a coffee shop inside the library.

Not Only 77,000 titles that include books, journals, newspapers, commercial databases and newspaper are available here. You can also do an online research and access Internet-based publications because Computers are available here for free. Actaully, when I went online that time, I checked my Facebook account only.

But since it is owned by ADB, it is very difficult to experience this library. Management is very strict when it comes to external researchers. But don’t worry, we conquered it and I will give you tips.

1. Secure an appointment for your research; you need to submit it to ADB Library. Click HERE to Submit. List the names of the researcher/s if you are more than one.

2. You just need to wait patiently for their response via email. The Email will indicate the confirmation/authorization.

3. Print that Email because you need to present it once you are going to enter the ADB headquarters.
4. Bring your ID once you are already at the entrance, present it together with the Printed Email Confirmation.

5. The Help Desk will assist you. You need to surrender you ID, and the teller will give you an entry pass. Then you can now proceed to the library and approach the librarian/front desk of the library.

The entire compound is very huge, so you need to be tactful in finding the library.


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