Daks and Gams Wildlife Park in Bohol.

Daks and Gams Wildlife Park is a wildlife sanctuary located in Tangnan, Panglao Island, Bohol. It is a private owned zoo. Daks and Gams comes from Visayan word which means (Daks short for Dako) Big and (Gams short for Gamay) Small. The Idea of the park’s name was based to the animals inside the zoo, a combination of Big and small animals
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Flying Lemur
The said, zoo is famous of its distinctive animal the so called Kagwang. Kagwang is a Visayan term for Philippines Flying Lemur. This endangered Kagwang or Philippine Flying Lemur (Cynocephalus volans) can be found in the wilderness of Bohol, Samar, Leyte and some parts of Mindanao. Although called a flying lemur, it cannot fly and is not a lemur. The Philippine flying lemur is arboreal and usually resides in primary and secondary forests. However, some wander into coconut, banana, and rubber plantations. It is also a nocturnal animal and it looks like a half bat half rat.

Aside from Kagwang, Daks and Gams is popular to its Pawikan, where-in you can touch it while the Pawikans are in the pond.  Pawikan or simply Sea turtle are abundant in Bohol but endangered Species. Sea turtles or marine turtles are turtles that inhabit all of the world's oceans except the Arctic. But Bohol is very blesses because Bohol is most preferred habitat of the said specie.

Large ostriches are also available for viewing inside. Wildcats are one of the attractions also. Snake and Eagles are also stunning animals that will surely captured your attention.

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All dead animals were stuffed and preserved so that the visitors can still witness on what animals they used to have. Stuffed monkeys, frogs, wildcats, snakes and bird are displayed in one specific dry area.

Aside, from animals Daks and Gams are also offering botanical garden for ocular. Abundance of orchids is nurtured and ornamental plants. You can also buy if you want.
The first time I went in this park, when I was in grade six as part of the Field trip. The latest time was just year 2010 and it was very different, entrance fee is php 20 only per person. When I entered, it seems that the place was not maintained well, there were cobwebs in the cages of the animals. The surrounding is not that clean compared to the first time I visit the place. Perhaps due to the numbers of zoo in Bohol are now operating, “Daks and Gams”

Wild cat

📍 Location: Tangnan, Panglao, Bohol, Philippines

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