Vlog Episode 8 - Impromptu TV Infomercial Show Challenge.

Watch this Video Blog As I challenge these vibrant friends of mine to host an Impromptu TV Infomercial Show.
In celebration of Allan Aban's Birthday, I challenged his visitors and friends of mine for a game – O Shopping Challenge- wherein they will be given a product impromptu and they have to sell it in front of the camera like they are hosting in a home shopping TV. O-shopping is a TV infomercial program aired in ABS-CBN late night.

They were divided into two teams – Orange Company and Kukuro Team. Each team will only be given 0ne minute to conceptualize their show as soon as they received the product.  Indeed, they need to sell their product maximum of 2 Minutes.

Are You Ready?

Watch this Video and Laugh out Loud.


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