Featuring The Sexy and Hot Nomadic Man ( Why Video Outro Is Important In Youtube)

In this post we will bring you back the time when I interviewed the most Nomadic Pinoy Man.

What’s goin on you guys? In this post I am featuring again and bringing you back those days that I interviewed this hot and sexy nomadic lad. His name is Rinell Banda (Click here to see the post)

I am very fortunate enough because I was the one who first interviewed him before he got featured in a number one magazine show in GMA7 and became famous.

Watch the video below:

Ok here we go let me post it here - this second episode of my newly set up YouTube Channel is entitled “Episode 2 : Interview With Rinell Banda , The Sexy and Hot Nomadic Man ” is also one of my Sony Vegas Pro 13 projects.

If you noticed on the last part, I included an outro . Video Outro is very essential in VLOG or Video blogging because it will attract your viewers to watch the next video by clicking the annotation. In a movie we called it as credits wherein names of actors and acknowledgments are being shown on the last part of the movie. In VLOG (specially in Youtube) , we called it video outro wherein, instead of saying BYE to your viewers , you will convince them to stay tune for the next video.

Lesson Learned: Creating Perfect Outro Using Sony Vega Pro 13

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