VLOG Episode 1: Have You Seen A Fire Ball? (My First Video Editing in Youtube)

I just started my new youtube channel I Love Tansyong TV and recently learnt in video editing using Sony Vegas Pro. So here is my First Vlog

I’ve been recording my travels and adventures for quite sometimes and have it uploaded in my youtube channel. But those video that I shared in my channel were raw files- no editing. I realized that video editing is really a requisite especially in video blogging or else my final product is not visually pleasant.

Lately, I discovered and just installed this sony vegas pro  13 , it is a video editing software package for non-linear editing (NLE) originally published by Sonic Foundry, now owned and run by Magix. I found it interesting and so, I studied it personally on how to use by watching youtube tutorials. In fact, famous Filipino Vloggers use this software for their Vlogs

I decided to create a new youtube channel which is associated in this blog “I Love Tansyong TV”. I made it so that I can upload my videos that are edited using Sony Vegas Pro. Indeed, it can also be a medium for me to notice my progress on the said field- editing. It is challenging task but I am enjoying it.

In this first Episode, I learned how to create a fireball and plasma ball effect. Though I admit that it was not really perfectly edited but as a beginner- it is acceptable.

Watch it:

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