What is Post Travel Syndrome and How to Manage on it ?

Post Travel Syndrome or Post-Travel Depression (PTD) is a psychological depression which is the linked of several clinically recognizable features, signs and symptoms that happened after your Travel of going back home.

Having Post Travel Blues is normal to all travelers who spent long time roving and enjoying outdoor adventures. It always take effect from the time that you are packing up your belongings, during your travel going back home up until you will reach into your home.

The feeling is strange; you will feel emptiness, incomplete, and sadness. This rapid change of feeling will leads anyone to act different. The symptoms mostly show like losing appetite, tiredness, intense feelings of nostalgia and you will keep looking at the infinity. It has been said the longer a trip lasts, the more intense the post vacation blues may be. This is because the person would be longing for their travel experiences

Medically, this type of mood hasn't been scientifically studied.  In fact this problem will wear off after time. In some cases, it takes few days but statistically, it can take up to 1.5 times the length of your entire trip.

How to Manage?
When I was about to go home, It was very worst feeling

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Since, it hasn't been scientifically studied therefore no specific treatment is claimed. There are many blogs and articles tackled to avoid it. But personally speaking, there’s no way for us to avoid it. All travelers experienced this unconsciously; it’s just happened that some are intense and extreme. Some symptoms will not show on the behavior on the patient and some will reflect on the gesture. That’s why we normally think that others don’t experience it.

Managing ones mood needs medium so that it wears off right away. Here is my personal advice based on my experience.

1. Always remember that your family is waiting for you. Always be excited to go back home (Your Dog is waiting for your hug). Buy Pasalubong for them; by this method you will divert your feeling from depression to excitement.

2. You can always talk your experience with your family, go online and check your twitter or facebook. By this method you will get busy yourself.

3.  Plan now ahead for your next vacation/travel. By doing this, you will forget those moments in the past and you will always look forward the fun waiting ahead.

4.  Write your story, narrate your experience and post your pictures or simply blog it. Truly, blogging is very therapeutic due to the fact that your readers are waiting and excited for your post. By this method, productivity is the main goal and not to focus on depression.

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