First Meal in Baler: Hot and Spicy Chicksilog.

From seven hours of sleeping in the Bus from Quezon City, we finally arrived at the town Proper of Baler Aurora November 23, 2013 seven in the Morning.
 I admit that because of the cold temperature inside the Bus, I really had a deep sleep within the span of the travel therefore I was totally full of energy when we reached in Baler. However, I had a headache, luckily “Journeying James tour” provides a free first aid/medication, and I grabbed a pain reliever.

We get off in the Bus for our breakfast. The said breakfast was not included on the tour package, so that was individual’s expense. Everyone chooses their preferred eateries. There are a lot of eateries besides Museo de Baler to choose with. So no worries with regards to food availability, in fact foods in Baler are quite affordable compared in Metro Manila. So if you are on tight budget, I can recommend you to choose eateries.

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I ordered Chicksilog for an amount of PHP35.00, free soup, free water, and if you are going to add an extra rice, that was only amounting to PHP6.00. I was surprised when they served my order, fried egg, fried rice, a cup of soup and a 2pc of chicken or simply Chicksilog. But the different is the chicken is not fried, it is cooked with hot and spicy sauce. I tasted it and it was mouthwatering. The spicy taste eliminates the smell of the chicken so it was more appetizing than the ordinary. The hot spirit of the food made me totally energized despite from a long travel.

Truly,first Meal in Baler is a start of the adventure; it is the start of getting to know more friends with same interest, starting a conversation, a start of bonding that will surely last up until we are going home.

πŸ“ Location: Baler, Aurora, Philippines

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  1. Very friendly for the budget conscious! And if your tummy is still growling, another order will satiate your hunger :)


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