🍽 Boodle Fight at Sungayan Grill & Floating Restaurant - The Taste of Bolinao.

Sungayan Grill and Floating Restaurant, Balingasay ,Bolinao, Pangasinan. ... From that deliciously fresh boodle fight on a floating restaurant, settling in the villa, and exploring Sundowners!.

This is a sumptuous post obviously. Join me as I’ll taste the food - a talk of the town restaurant in Pangasinan. This BEST BITE episode is part of my Pangasinan Trip with #BiyaheniJuan Group.

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When you’re planning to travel in the north, specifically in Bolinao, Pangasinan; never forget to bring your friends or family to this worth visiting restaurant which is situated along the river – Sungayan Grill and Floating Restaurant.


This place is truly placid eloquently that it is situated in a rural zone which is totally six-hour travel away from Manila via land (Van). Honestly if you‘re bearing in mind to try this restaurant solely, then don’t consider this, since it really takes an effort just to reach the location. However, if you’re on a backpacking trip, then think about to include this to your itinerary. In addition, it is just located in Balingasay, Bolinao , Pangasinan and a 10-minute walk from the main highway.

About the Place.

Sungayan Grill and Restaurant is a floating restaurant that reminds me of LOBOC Floating Restaurant in Bohol. This restaurant offers a boodle fight type of dine. Indeed, they also serve various packages depending on the numbers of guest – e.i. table for two, barkada, family and etcetera. You can avail the floating restaurant with an additional fee of PHP150 on the top of the food’s bill and you can now experience eating while seeing the nature. If you get dizzy easily like I do, then you can just eat there at the place.

There are nipa huts around, ornamental plants and fish pond which are very perfect-framing for photography. Moreover, if you have a car; parking area is available.


Majority of the foods they serve – sea foods and grilled foods which is least expensive when you eat sea foods in Dampa located in the city. This is due to the reason that sea foods are incredibly abundant here in Pangasinan as the supply increases, the price decreases.

Boodle dining includes rice, crabs, shrimps, grilled fish, sea weeds, green mango and various vegetables, among others. Juice is for free and unlimited as well.  If I’m gonna rate the taste, I’ll give it a ten over ten since that time I was extremely hungry due to the activities we did before we came in here. Honestly, a judgement of a person when it comes to taste is no longer reliable if hunger dominates.


Since they served freshly from the kitchen, then expect that you have to wait for a few minutes. When I say few, it takes 30 minutes which is good for me as I have enough time to saunter the place and take footages for my Vlog.  But the staffs here are costumer- oriented, since this is a restaurant of course.


With that picturesque view, undeniably eating the foods here is more enjoyable. That feeling wherein the nature is connecting towards you which leads me to become more relaxed and stress-free to the point that, I almost forget the span of time I was waiting for the foods I ordered.  The fresh air coming from the river is astounding .This place is somewhat convincing you to stay longer and make a fuss of the scenery.

Personally, I love the experience of eating sea foods by the river. It is totally different to what I’ve routinely did everyday – eating at fast food restaurant. Sungayan Grill and Floating Restaurant satisfies both my gastronomically craving and my crammed mind.


πŸ“ Location: Balingasay,Bolinao, Pangasinan, Philippines

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