😱 [CONFESSION] 5 Things that I am Scared About.

In this blog post, I have 5 things to confess. I will share you my top 5 which I am extremely scared about. If you think you can help me to conquer these fears please let me know how. Anyway it's my 30th Birthday today.
Everyone has a weakness yet not everyone admits it. We don’t even disclose our fear to anybody assuming that this might lead us to become the centre of laughter in a circle of friends. But for now, I am brave enough to share you my TOP 5 Fears.

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1.    FEAR OF DEATH – I don’t know what made me scared of death. The fact that I assumed – when the moment of your last breath ends, it might be extremely painful. I even tried to hold my breath to experience how it feels when you’re having hard time breathing during your last breath. The feeling is so scary. Lot of my friends say that there’s nothing to be scared  about death because everyone will die.

Gusto ko pag natsugi ako , yung hindi masakit , yung natutulog ka lang” I jokingly answered.

Indeed, anything that has something to death – I am scared – e.g morgue, cemetery, flowers, burial, coffin and etcetera. I am even afraid of an embalmer, so crazy, isn’t it? Even staring the face of a corpse during vigil is quite disturbing for me.

2.    FEAR JUMPING INTO THE WATER - I travelled a lot and I already visited a lot of waterfalls and cliff but none of those “worth jumping places” I jumped. I don’t have fear of height at all; being in high places is relaxing for me but jumping into the water from a high place is so scary .Due to the fact that I don’t know how to swim. I have this thinking – what if I’ll no longer float and having hard time to swim. Even if my friends are waiting me down there to rescue, no one can convince me to jump.

3.    FEAR OF NOT MEETING GOALS – In the workplace, I easily felt devastated whenever I have goals to meet and I wasn’t able to achieve it.  For example, I have goal to buy this thing and so I’ll work hard for it but when there’s an emergency expenses and I can no longer purchase that thing, I felt bad easily. And that’s what I’m trying to avoid – not hitting goals.

4.    FEAR OF SCARCITY – I grew up in a “NOT WELL-OFF” family. I strived hard to become better and so in the future I am capable of purchasing what I need and what I want. It is my biggest fear, to live in scarce a resource -wherein you need to beg for foods, lend money to buy your basic needs; it is so degrading and that is one of my fears.

5.    FEAR OF FALLING IN LOVE – Yes, I admit! In my thirty years of existence, I never had a long term relationship. I am afraid of getting hurt in the latter part because I knew myself that I can’t handle it. Truly, being in love is such a great feeling but there’s a huge risk of getting hurt. I don’t want to become an abandon-crying individual due to unsuccessful love story. Indeed, I don’t want to grab a stone and hit my own head.

I still have few more other fears but not as extreme as those listed above. Those remaining are can easily be conquered but those top 5 that I disclosed, perhaps I need someone who can help me winning over those trepidation.

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