πŸ“Ά [Tech Vlog] MyPhone Digital TV Dongle is Not Working in Samsung Galaxy A5.

This is a Tech Vlog Post with Jonathan Orbuda and William Pombo. Watch the video below and consider sharing this to your friends who are planning to buy Myphone Digital TV Dongle.
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I was very excited to buy this smallest phone accessory which will turn your smart phone into a digital TV.  I watched this in one of my subscribed Youtubers; from then I consider buying one for my Samsung A5 since I am no longer using it daily.

Myphone Digital TV Dongle is amounting to 499PHP which is affordable enough for a dongle. Imagine, you’ll no longer need a TV, no internet connection needed and all you just have to do is attach the dongle in your phone, install the application for streaming and in an instant – you’ll have a TV right in your phone streaming digitally.

September 5, 2017, William Pombo and I dropped by at SM Cubao to look for a MyPhone Store and buy such accessory. The saleslady tried two items and we even went to the nearest door so that we can search for the signal. However, after multiple attempts, the dongle wasn’t working in my Samsung Galaxy A5. Unfortunately, I didn’t bring the OTG connection for my Samsung S8 Plus so that I can try it as well.
Truly, it is important to bring your phone right at the Myphone Store before purchasing the dongle and have it tested first, because not all phones are compatible to this dongle regardless if it is high-end or low-end phones.  Maybe next time, I’ll consider bringing my OTG for my S8 Plus when I drop by at the store because I’m really curious of this dongle and its quality. In addition to that, it is just amounting to PHP499.

Consider also watching the videos below about MYPHONE DIGITAL TV DONGLE.

I you have bought already this dongle; please leave your comments below. How was it? Is it worth buying for?  Do you guys want me to buy this as well or it is just a waste of money?

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