The Best Foundation of Becoming a Content Creator is Knowledge.

In this video, I'll be sharing you what happened during my workshop class at Youtube Space Manila. Watch this video till the end as I met the guy who went viral when he wore his Speedo in his parody video.

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For you to become an expert, you have to start from basic. That’s what I did when I attended my first ever Youtube Workshop. I’ve been doing several videos for quite sometimes without considering the small details that might affect negatively towards the quality of my creation. By participating such workshop – I’m now meticulous when it comes to some details that needs to be done and what not.

The workshop highlights the basic camera lighting and production. The topic is very helpful especially to youtubers like who has challenges – e.g. not having time, production equipment is too expensive, general production knowledge, not sure which equipment to buy and which software to use.

During the workshop, I met a lot of content creators like Mikey Bustos and Luigi Pacheco. In addition, it was also my first time to handle an expensive camera that is mostly being used in a large film making. Seeing such thing made me more enthusiastic on achieving my dream.

Watch the video below.


With Mikey Bustos – a Canadian-Filipino youtuber who recently became a news-maker worldwide due to his parody of Despacito – I wear Speedos.


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