🍽 Best Bite in Bacolod – The Authentic Bacolod Inasal.

Best Bite Episode will taste the famous Bacolod Inasal in Bacolod City, Negros Occidental. A roasted chicken that will undeniably satisfy your gastronomically craving.

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Aside from its colourful Maskara festival and must-visit tourist spots, Bacolod city is popular for its Bacolod Inasal. In fact, there are numerous restaurants located around the country claiming to have an authentic Bacolod Inasal as part of their menu. But eating Bacolod Inasal,  that is being bought and eaten right in the vicinity of Bacolod City gives such feeling of genuineness.

Bacolod Inasal has a great taste that will surely make you consider of tasting once you visit this place. It has a tender and juicy flavour which is perfect partner for rice. I would also advise you to try this as pulutan with cold beer. Without a doubt, Bacolod Inasal can be eaten without a sauce because of its savoury flavour.

Inasal is a Visayan word “asal” which means to grill or roast. Inasal means roasted or grilled which is commonly used as Inasal Baboy and Manok or simply Lechon.  Inasal varies in terms of taste depending in the origin of the recipe. With Bacolod Inasal, it has distinctive taste that you can easily distinguish when you eat a roasted chicken that are coming from different location. I must say that whoever created the secret recipe of Bacolod Inasal – he/she made

πŸ“ Location: Bacolod, Negros Occidental, Philippines

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