Puerto Princesa’s Street Culinary on the Rove.

Street foods are not new around the busy streets in an Urban Zone and even with the simple lane all over the Philippines. With affordable cost, it is great experience to Chow along the road.

Mouthwatering aroma from the smoke of variety grilled exotic foods conquered over the street of Puerto Princesa near church. I cannot wait but to taste the scrumptious selections of Inihaw(grilled) enough to fill my cramming stomach.

Together with my friends, we unintentionally bring ourselves in a corner of the City where in you can find a lot of street foods. First on my sight is a feature of orange rounded balls floating in hot cooking oil wherein everyone are waiting to eat. It is what we called “Itlog na Orange”, Main Ingredients are Duck Egg and orange breading that will undoubtedly trigger your appetite to taste it.

On the other side, another delectable on the lists is the Teripella, it is a hog intestine chopped and coated with flour, definitely with a meaty crispy thingy on your mouth. Twit, a mixture of skin, fat and pork meat, which is also same as pork barbeque, yet cheaper, captured my astounded appetite.
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Also, there was the famous, rectangular shaped blood known as the “Betamax” just like eating a Dinuguan on a stick, right? But what’s special about it, is the Sawsawan, it is vinegar from a coconut wine.

Continuing our trip, I found in one corner near the stoplight a woman selling Ampaw (Sweetened Pop Rice). I just remember my last time tasting the sweet thingy when I was in grade school in Bohol. My Grandma bought me that time, (I felt loneliness rapidly that time, because during my Palawan Travel was simultaneously my Burial of My Grandma yet I still choose to travel). The sweetness of the Ampaw reminds me of the sweetness of my Grandma.

As we walked onward, Bonjo, My Best Bite Buddy found a “Mamang sorbetero” (an ice cream vendor) pushing his cart. We cannot separate our gluttonous feeling when we saw the variety of colors/ flavors of the Ice Cream.

The Entire Walk of Fame, este Walk for food, Unconsciously, I spent almost PHP200.

Filipinos are known for unique persona that make up almost anything into something new and unblemished. And well, food is not an exemption. While any nations still prefer dining in or out and eating pizzas, or any deluxe foods, we Filipinos bring our hunger with our favorite “Pinoy Streetfood”, delicious yet affordable that can totally gratify your stomach, taste bud, pocket and craving for fun Foodtrip.

📍 Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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