Manila's Baywalk Version in Puerto Princesa City.

In Metropolitan, we had the famous former baywalk along Roxas Boulevard which was already closed and got transferred behind SM Mall of Asia.

In Puerto Princesa City, a Version of SM Mall’s Baywalk is located at seafront strip just meters away from the City proper public market and it is beside the seaport. It was the former Seaplane but unfortunately the houses located here were razed by fire. According to rumors, it was intentionally made for rehabilitation of the inhabitants and the place itself.  Today, it is now one of the tourist spot of the City; it provides a scenic place to view the panoramic horizon of the sunset and a perfect place for jogging during sunrise. In most of the “City tour Package” the drop off location is Baywalk because at the end of the tiring day of the tour, this is the best place to relax while the breeze of the cold wind will embrace you.

If your gastronomical craving will trigger, no need to worry about it, because the within the vicinity, innumerable food stalls are selling foods , like fish ball, isaw, squid balls, fruit shakes and some other stuff. If you really want to end your day with a dinner, Eateries are also available that offers local cuisines and barbeque. If you are also looking for a hangout with friends, you can order drinks here up until 4AM however unlike the SM Mall of Asia’s Baywalk , you can’t even hear a band music considering Puerto Princesa Bay walk is not a noisy place. No worries about safety because the location was strictly monitored by the tourist police 24 hours.

The huge beautiful colorful peacock lamp is the first thing that will capture your attention at the entry point of Puerto Princesa’s Baywalk. Correspondingly the peacock is the official seal of Puerto Princesa City and the numbers of the feathers of the peacock tails symbolizes the numbers of Barangays. Having this beautiful symbol in Baywalk signifies that you are indeed in Puerto Princesa City

Furthermore, the location also provides a long way for jogging. Not only that, a 25PHP per hour rental of bicycle is also available.  It’s going to be an exciting, enjoyable and affordable activity with your friends/family because you can get 20PHP rental if you are a group who are going to rent.

Here is the Interview with Dhen Soriano . 

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1. What Can You Say About The Baywalk?
Answer : The place is great, this is perfect of picture taking, however I smell something fishy. But it is ok; the port is too close here.

2 .What is your unforgettable scenario encountered?

Answer: I was shocked while watching the two guys in front of me at  the gutter. Im from behind, at first I thought that they were just having a friendly conversation, when the two guys started to kiss each other, I was like standing erected  and shocked , I planned to capture the moment yet I can’t move at all. Truly, the place was romantic to the point that I saw something fishy, hahha!!

3.  What was your activity for you entire stay at the Baywalk?

Answer.  First I bought a sorbete for 10 PHP, Im sitting there and watching those who were biking. After I finished my Ice Cream, I took a lot of Pictures, and roved around for food tripping.

4. Can you describe the place in one word?

Answer: Perfect! Because the ambiance here during morning if perfect for jogging for your Golden Retriever and in afternoon watching sunset and biking is best.

πŸ“ Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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  1. Ah, namiss ko ang Palawan. It sits next to Northern Samar in my heart :-)


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