Plaza Cuartel History: 143 Americans massacred, 11 Survived

“Have you ever heard massacre/mass killing? How about Ampatuan Massacre? Horrible isn't it? It makes you scared or somehow sadness. It opens your chest and it opens up your heart and it means that human mass killing is really a sensitive issue.”

In addition to the memorial marker, there was the Palawan Massacre Monument. The monument was created by Don Schloat, a World War II veteran and was one of the survivors in Plaza Cuartel
The Dark Past is now a Light Leisure Park , Entrance fee is free

How about looking back the history of Palawan Mass Killing of 143 American as Prisoner of war (POW) during WORLD WAR 2?

"In this place which was a military fort of World War II, the burning of more or less 150 American POW was done by Japanese soldiers on December 14, 1944. Some managed to survive by swimming their way out from the sea to Iwahig. The remains of those who died were brought and buried in Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, Missouri, United States, 1952." These are the words that you can read if you visit plaza cuartel in Puerto Princesa City, Palawan.

The Tagalog information what plaza cuartel is?
A grim reminder to all of us that once in Palawan, there was a devastating event happened during the Era of Japanese. The first Era was Spanish, the American took after that, up until the Japanese Era came that leads the mass killing of the American. The Japanese decided to kill the POW veterans by burning them in a tunnel. Luckily 11 out of 143 was able to escaped by swimming going to IWAHIG w/c is currently popular as a prisoner colony .Plaza Cuartel  was a military fort in World War II ,After the world war, the Americans took control of the place once again until it was passed on to the Constabulary. Later on, it was given to the National Police. In 1997, it was renovated and became a leisure park.
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Plaza Cuartel is located along Taft street, in Barangay Liwanag,just across the Immaculate Conception Church. You will see a gate and the tourist police are also posting on that area for assistance. Moreover, the place looks like your ordinary park with concrete pavements, towering trees and benches.As you enter the gate , you will see the garrison and tunnels that are witness the sigh of the Americans during the mass killing.  The 143 POWs aka Prisoner of wars were kept in the tunnel during World war 2 up until their last breath.

The List of the names of the survivors are listed also in the park.

The remains of the burned Americans were brought to the US.

Plaza Cuartel looks like your ordinary city park with concrete pavements, towering trees and benches. Yet darkness story underlies within the beauty of it.

Can you imagine that once there was a grievance scenario happened in this place? The park is perfect for dating!
Inside the park , you will feel the green nature that will embrace your inner piece .

📍 Location: Taft St, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

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  1. I feel peace inside the Plaza Cuartel, the trees around the plaze was so relaxing and nature friendly. However, the felt the sadness when I starter to read ablout the History of Plaze Cuartel...


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