⛪ The Majestic Architectural Design of Immaculate Conception of Mary in Puerto Princesa and its History

A very towering church will welcome you if you visit Puerto Princesa City. A sublime build of the said building will prove you that the majority of the population of the city is Roman Catholic. It is located right in front of Rizal Monument Park. Where it can be found in between the parallel streets of Taft St and Rizal Avenue.

The High the Tower, The High Admiration I had towards the Palawan Locals who preserved the said Cathedral

The Towering Architectural Design 
of Immaculate Conception Cathedral
 in Puerto Princesa

The Patron Saint of Puerto Princesa is Immaculate Conception of Mary as the Spaniard proclaimed during 1872. Simultaneously, when it was proclaimed, the first ever mass was celebrated in Immaculate Conception Cathedral. The said cathedral, was completely build 1961 under Bishop Most Rev. Gregorio Espiga. Most likely it took a century to finish the towering Cathedral.

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The whole building is color light blue, it is very cool to the eyes while staring the high architecture. The Church is open for the Visitors and tourist every day, when you are a backpackers , don’t worry the church is very open and they are not implementing dress code once you go inside to take picture.

The Solemn and oriental design inside that made me amazed
Tip: If you are with the City Tour package, exclude the Immaculate Cathedral on the list and replace it with other place to go, why? Because you can easily go to that place by “Do-it-Yourself” technique. You can just ride a Tricycle anywhere, anytime. So if you’re having limited time, exclude this place and just drop there anytime during your “Souvenirs shopping”

A near historical place just across Taft Avenue is the Plaza Cuartel. More about that in my next Post

Before I Leave you lemme ask you:

At the Taft Street, you can also catch 
the Holy Trinity Giant Image

How High can you look up the  the Lofty Immaculate Conception of Mary in Puerto Princesa?

📍 Location: 58 Rizal Avenue, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan, Philippines

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  1. This the best place to do the "Bisita Iglesia" every Holy week..


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