Boneless Dilis at Cartimar, Pasay City

Today I am happy! It’s the 15th of the month and its Payday. I have a list of all my expenses, when I noticed that my pet’s food was already insufficient. I have to buy food for my puppy, so I went straight to Cartimar in Pasay.
Today I am happy! It’s the 15th of the month and its Payday. I have a list of all my expenses, when I noticed that my pet’s food was already insufficient. I have to buy food for my puppy, so I went straight to Cartimar in Pasay.

Cartimar Shopping Complex is located at Santa Clara in Taft Avenue, Pasay City. It’s a two ride trip from my location.  Since I am from Villamor, I need to ride a tricycle for 8 pesos going to Taft Rotonda. From Taft Rotonda, I need to ride a Jeep with a signboard of Divisoria for another 8 pesos. A reminder in riding a Jeep, always ask the driver if they will pass in front of the Cartimar Shopping Complex.

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If you live in Caloocan, there are two ways of getting to Cartimar. First by riding the LRT or you can also ride a Jeep going to Pasay Rotonda.  When riding a Jeep, tell the driver to drop you at the Cartimar Shopping Complex. When riding the LRT, the start point is Roosevelt station, going to Buendia station. When you arrive at Buendia station, just ask anyone for directions on how to get to Cartimar, which is a meter away from the station.

Cartimar Shopping Complex is popular for selling Pets, Plants, Shoes and a lot more. There are a lot of shops that will surely satisfy your needs.

Here are the lists of sections

1.       Aquatic Section – Here you can buy a variety of freshwater and saltwater fishes, other aquatic animals, feeds, Aquarium and aquarium accessories.

2.       Terrestrial Section -Here you can buy pure breed dogs, cats, and feeds.

3.       Botanical Section – Here you can buy orchids, a variety of ornamental plants, pots and other garden accessories are also available.

4.       Groceries- A branch of SM Save More is located inside the Shopping Complex.

5.       Bikes, shoes & apparel and kitchen utensils are also available.
6. Food court at the back of "Save More"- for those who are food trippers.

At First i thought Cartimar doesnt  offers a quality foods on each affordable price. But the time i walked around, i saw a lot of delicious foods available.  

Living Life to the Fullest at the Food Court

I went directly to the food court since i didn't grab yet my breakfast. My Favorite Carinderia at that place is  Rold's Ilonggo's Food Haus

Their Best seller is Kilawing Boneless Dilis . It is a dish that made up of Fresh Boneless Dilis, Cucumber, onions and all are fresh mushed up in vinegar. That is very savory and yummy because of the Boneless Dilis . The Vinegar is great because it is made up of fermented coconut aka coconut wine. The Spicy chili that really triggers your preparatory gland, the  crispy cucumber and the onions are perfect combination.
For only P50.00 , you can now enjoy that dish. Also I ordered a cup of rice for P10.00 surely you will now enjoy your meal. There is also a cup of soup that is being offered by option. I bought a bottle of C2 as my drink for P15.00. I spent P75.00 for that meal and it was really great hot and spicy experience especially it’s a healthy dish.

Kilawin is popular partner for beer or the so called pulutan. Many love this dish because of its luscious sourly taste due to the vinegar. The taste of the Kilawin differs based on the vinegar you used like aaple cider, paombong , coconut or cane. Calamansi , lemon or dayap is also advisable as an alternative for vinegar. The more chili or ginger the kilawin has the yummier it will taste.

Don’t forget to grab a bite when you visit in Cartimar, now I realized that Cartimar is not just popular for pet lover but also to those who are food adventurer like me.  

I went home with my puppy's feed. Until next Food Trip.

📍 Location: Cartimar Ave, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

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