Be Tactful in Shopping Souvenirs and Pasalubong : Puerto Princesa City

Puerto Princesa Travel would not be complete without buying souvenir items and pasalubong for your folks and friends back home.

One of Eye Catching Item available in Palawan
Puerto Princesa Travel would not be complete without buying souvenir items and pasalubong for your folks and friends back home. Believe it or not, almost half of my Travel Budget was allocated for souvenir and pasalubong. Most especially if you’re surrounded with friends, coworkers and families and all of them are aware that you are on a vacation; expect to have a huge amount of penny for pasalubong.

Moreover, you need also to be tactful when it comes to proper allocation of your budget. If your budget for souvenir items and pasalubong is not that much, I recommend you to visit two major souvenir shops in Puerto Princesa named “Island Souvenir Shops” and “Tiange Tiange”. Even the tricycle drivers, they recommend these two shops.

Island Souvenir Shop is more convenience store compared to other that sells inexpensive pearls (almost same price in Cora’s Pearl Shop). Located at Mercado de San Miguel Puerto Princesa City .It is famous Shops wherein you can buy accessories at a lower price. Don’t buy here a food pasalubong coz it’s quite expensive here. This Shop is best for accessories only. You can personalize shirts here.
Personalized Shirt 

Tiangge-Tiangge is a non-aircon area where you can choose from a cluster of stalls selling souvenir and "pasalubong" items. It is best place for you to buy Shirts and summer outfits because it is cheaper than other shops. I also advise you to buy cashew in kilos here so that you will have a huge discount rather than buying a repacked one. My favorite items are cashew nuts and delicacies, and wild honey. Seafood fare to take home includes dried fish, semi-dried or ‘lamayo’ style, processed or fresh catch marine products, packed and sealed in the chest boxes are available here. You can also see around a lot of handcrafted baskets and native items such as blowguns, rainmakers, tobacco bags, hand woven products and bamboo dรฉcors.
PHP 85 T-shirts with Prints, It is perfect for pasalubong

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  • Always Put Shopping Souvenirs at the Last Part of your Itinerary. For the whole span of your travel, I’m pretty sure that you will find cheaper items.
  • Always ask a discount. Remember that all the shops prices may vary depending on the negotiation with the customers.
  •  Spend more time to roam around. Prices of the Items located in front of the shop are more expensive compare to those shops located inside wherein you can’t imagine the big difference.
  • Quality of the product is not important this time. Remember that the products that are available are come from one supplier, all products are local. Therefore what item you found in one stall is the same product that you will from other one. You just need to look for the affordable price.

Shopping is the most exciting yet sad part of the travel. Exciting because you can now bring items for your friends and families associated from the place of your vacation. Sad because it is a manifestation that your travel is about to end. But Remember the best thing that you can bring home is the memories from it.

๐Ÿ“ Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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