Where you can buy affordable foods in Puerto Princesa City?

Nowadays, all the prices are very expensive inversely proportion towards the income of an ordinary wage earners. So, the first thing that we looked forward is how we are going to spend the scarce resources we have.

Puerto Princesa City has a nice of relatively affordable places to eat. Walk along the safe Rizal Road and you’ll encounter restaurants, grill places, fast food joints, coffee shops and even eateries. There are more places to eat along the National Highway. But what I can advise you to go for eateries.

Let me give you a heads up where to eat in Puerto Princesa City for 35 pesos heavy meal. That includes one viand for 30 pesos, one cup of rice for 5 pesos with free cup of soup. You can also choose one vegetables dish for 20 pesos. Look for Iglesia ni Cristo Church, and along with it you will see innumerable eateries.

I say relatively affordable because for the type of food you will be getting, it’s more expensive here in Manila. We though seafood was abundant but there were times that they ran out of crabs or prawns but I guess it’s because the place is really popular.

But what made me amazed was the price of a cup of rice, it was Five Pesos Only, Imagine the price if you’re gonna buy it in a fast food for PHP15.00 or in eateries in Manilla for 10PHP. What a huge difference, given the fact that the quality of the rice was almost the same, I mean they used the same commercial rice.

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Basically, Philippines is still abundant of rice and Puerto Princesa City proved that. Showing the cup of the rice for an affordable price along the street, will I’m sure your vacation will leads you to a perfect affordable food tripping.

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πŸ“ Location: Puerto Princesa, Philippines

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