Secrecy of World-Class Products in BINUATAN CREATIONS, Puerto Princesa City ,Palawan.

Philippines is famous in exporting world class products, one of the products is handicraft. In Puerto Princesa City , aside from its famous underground river, they are also popular in terms of handicraft.

Trying Hard Copy Cat : As I tried the  process of weaving, truly I'm having hard time.

The Landmark of Binuatan Creation at the entrance
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"Binuatan Creations" is a well-known handicraft shop that manufactures handloom woven products maximizing Palawan’s indigenous fibers. "Binuatan Creations Handloom Weaving products" include key chains, bags, handy bags, notepads, wallets, coin purses, hats, curtains, placemats, table runners, wall finishing & window blinds, split curtain, arranged grass flowers, and slippers. These are the products that you need to check if you are going to travel to Puerto Princesa.
The Location

Binuatan Creation is located at Bougainville Drive Corner Rafols Street, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines. If you are on a package city tour, you won’t miss visiting it since that is part of the package. But if you are on a DIY tour aka “Do –It- Yourself” tour, Just Ride a Tricycle anywhere at the City Proper.  (Just a heads up, that is a few minutes away from Mitra’s Ranch and Baker’s Hill)

The Process.

“Ate! How long is the process for you to finish the entire product?” I asked.

“Most likely, I can say 2-3 days from getting the raw products if we are talking about individual product yet since if it is in bulk, it took 1 week to finish I think” she estimated.

Amumuting, buri (palm tree), buntal fibers, buri sticks, vetiver grass, arena grass, banana, daninel grass, Florida grass field grasses, coconut ginit, tikog grass, and isay grass,these are the grasses and fibers that are being used in creating the beautiful hand loom woven products

The process in making the products: (as per PusangKalye Blog)

  1. grasses being dyed into the desired color.
  2. drying.
  3. dyed buntal fibers.
  4. warping of threads to be used for weaving.
  5. harvesting of threads from warping frame.
  6. setting in of threads into the looms.
  7. drawing of threads through heddle wires and reeds.
  8. weaving.
  9. finishing and cutting of woven materials.
  10. packaging.

The Products

Just beside the production area is the showroom/the store wherein the final products are displayed and ready to sell. Once you enter the store, you need to leave your sleepers outside; the store is like a wooden native small room. Inside you will get amazed by the various products that are available,  very colorful and very beautiful products that I'm pretty sure you'll get tempted to buy.

Inside, if you are in scarce resources, I advise you to take pictures of the entire product, LOL. That’s what I did since I don’t have the capacity to buy such a product, Pictures are fine for me.

The People
Palawans (the inhabitants of Palawan) are very approachable and entertaining. They were kind to answer all our questions. The personnel is allowing us to observe and experience how the weaving process is being made. They shared and show with us the raw materials how it looks like and the final product itself.
“Ate, how you were able to finish the product if various visitors are interrupting you, just to try the process?” I asked.

“Actually this is just a showroom wherein we can showcase the process and the product for educating purposes to the tourists. There are also locals (Palawan residents) who are doing the product in their households and delivering here their final products” she explained.

So undeniably, the handicraft industry of Puerto Princesa brings a sustainable livelihood for the locals.

"Binuatan Creations" is very successful in that they get their products exported to other countries like the U.S.A which is a huge help to the locals. The goal of the livelihood program is to transform field grasses and fibers that can be found in Palawan into useful and functional products. Great Idea!

Mang Juan and Only: Mang Juan is without money,  And Only He Can do is to take pictures with the products

Binatuan Creation Contact
Phone: +63(48)4337630

πŸ“ Location: Puerto Princesa South Road, Puerto Princesa, 5300 Palawan, Philippines

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  1. It just prove the quality of a filipino product can compete with the natural products of other countries in the world. ANOTHER REASON TO BE PROUD OF AS A FILIPINO..


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