Dampa's Restaurants Are Weekender's Choice

Working five days a week, with eight hours per day, all week long of exposure into stressful environment, traveling from your house going to your designated job’s location. Those are some of the reasons why you deserve to have your weekend enjoyable.

Your Friends

Breathe in! You are not alone in this kind of daily routine ; you also have to look your surroundings. You have your workmates right? They had same situation as yours. I know where you’re coming from, so let me bring you in a place where in you can reward yourself with abundant foods and drink. I advise you to bring your circle of friends and workmates. Im pretty sure you will enjoy the most out of it.

We are now good to go, right? Your Friends are ready now?

My Friends

  I also worked five days a week with a stressful kind of job, yet still I’ll make sure that compensating myself is the best thing that I can give to me. Same thing with my friends and workmates, they admitted that we can’t separate ourselves from pressure. So we come up a plan to go out after work, actually it took 3 months of preparation in terms of fund. We contributed P50 every payday. By the time that we are ready to go out, money is not a problem anymore.

So we are good to go.

Follow my Direction

The top of the line place for "eat-out" is in Dampa. There are various Dampa in the City but I recommend the one which is located at Seaside Macapagal Avenue, San Jose, Pasay City. It is a five minutes’ drive away from SM Mall of Asia. Take a Yellow Cab bound to Buendia at SM MOA Terminal for only P8.00. Tell the driver to drop you exactly in Dampa. If you came from any location from the Metro, much better if you go directly to MOA Terminal. SM mall of Asia is the famous landmark to avoid getting lost.

Where na you? Dito na me?

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Once you arrive in front, you will notice innumerable Gay Waitresses who are offering you to choose their Resto. Inside the Vicinity, wet market is also open for those who want to buy fresh sea foods.

Ill give you a tip, you can buy your own seafood and bring it to the “ paluto “restaurant.It is more cheaper to create your own menu and let the Restaurant cook it for you. You only pay for an amount depending on the menu rather than buying cooked seafoods directly from the Restaurant. This tip is advisable for a group outing since you can save a huge amount, however you need one member from your group who’s expert in wet market. “ TAWAD” is the best way to save your fund and being tactful during checking the prices of the seafoods.

What’s Your Order?

Here are the most common dishes usually ordered:
  • Sinigang sa Miso as always.
  • Buttered crab in chili sauce.
  • Steamed shrimps or in chili sauce too.
  • Oyster baked with cheese.
  • Sizzling squid or in adobo style.
  • Fish (tilapia or lapu-lapu) in sweet and sour sauce.
  • Calamares
  • Pinaputok na Isda

“Hongkong Lion”

Resto 639077411056 Call them for the reservation,

📍 Location: 1, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines

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