Bird's Nest Soup in Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant Puerto Princesa City.

In the first hour we arrived at the Puerto Princesa’s Airport, we were planning right away to look for accommodation which affordable and good for one night only.
Nido Soup or the so called Bird's nest Soup
One of the display inside the restaurant

We arrived most likely 5PM and we got our luggage around 6PM. So that was almost dark and murky when we totally exit outside the airport. Outside there was Tourist Police Post so we went ahead for assistance. “Sir! Is there any public beach here wherein we can stay overnight for free camping” one of my teammates asked. The reason why we asked it because we don’t wanna pay for one night accommodation, we already did camping when we were in Bohol at Panglao Beach, so why not try it again. But unfortunately Puerto Princesa’s Beach are not good for camping because during high tide it is very risky and wide shoreline only exist during low tide. “Let us eat first our dinner”, Bonjo said. Everyone agreed and Bonjo recommended “Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant”, according to him, it is one the best restaurant in the City since that was his second time to visit Puerto Princesa.

I ordered two cups of rice.
We ride a tricycle and we went ahead to the Restaurant located at Rizal Avenue, Just five minutes’ drive from the Airport to the Restaurant( the fare is just 10PHP each beware coz some of the drivers take advantage, they charged us 20PHP each which is illegal).
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Meanwhile, when we reached at the entrance of the restaurant, it was really good ambiance, the vividness of light were enough for dinning only. The environment was very quiet and relaxing. The design was very native; you will see lots of wooden figurines. The whole restaurant was made of wood and old materials that can be found only in Palawan. The place is nice that you can feel the fresh air since dining areas were designed as cottages aside from the main dining area of the restaurant.

Grilled Pork
The Crew was very silent and tame, and they easily respond to the customers need.

The foods were really great in proportion to the price. Price is higher than the Eateries but the amount that you going to spend is value-laden. The foods were savory that will make you realize that your life is worth living. “Ang Sarap Mabuhay”. I ordered “Ginataang Hipon”(Shrimp in cocomilk), Bonjo ordered “ Inihaw na Manok”(Grilled Chicken), Jerbie Ordered “Inihaw na Liempo” (Pork Barbeque).

Balinsasayaw Restaurant was named after a native bird in Palawan called as the Balinsasayaw bird. The bird uses its saliva to construct its nest which is the main ingredient of the Balinsasayaw soup. The place is popular in serving the Balinsasayaw soup also known as bird’s nest soup. So the dinner is not complete without it. So we ordered one for 350PHP (it’s actually expensive) which good for 5 persons. Their bird’s nest soup is worth your money and they can serve it half their regular serving if you are dining solo.
Grilled Chicken
We leaved the location feeling very satisfied with food, very full, very tired from our flight, therefore we decided to rent a room just nearby Bona’s Chaolong. Unconsciously we slept.

Balinsasayaw Chicken Grill and Restaurant
Rizal Ave., Puerto Princesa City, Palawan, Philippines
Tel. no.: (048)-434-5804
Ginataang Hipon
From the left : Athan,Norie,Bonjo,Jervie and Angel

📍 Location: A. Rengel Rd, Puerto Princesa, Palawan, Philippines

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