10 Reasons Why to Create a Travel Blog.

Truly, Travel Blog is my Interest. Travelling and Blogging are totally different. You can Travel and enjoy it without even blogging. Let’s Try to Combine the Two things Travel Blogging, Sounds good, isn't it Amazing!!
Innumerable blogs are now superseding to the world of no boundaries the so-called “worldwide web”. There are Videos, Micro Blogs, Shout outs and many more that are invading the Internet now rapidly. Social networks also play a huge part in all the netizens on habitual checking and posting in their accounts.

    Moreover, the Travel blog is very popular nowadays.-to the point that prints are now dying (as per publishers). Let me also list my Top 10 reasons why I create a blog especially a Travel Blog.

     To Travel and Witness it.

    Personally, Travelling is my passion. It started when I first ride a plane way back in 2010. When I was young (anyway I still feel young at my age now, I meant during my younger days) I thought that traveling from point A to Point B by Air is very impossible for me to reach because undeniably I don’t have the capacity to do so – with all those expenses. Given the fact that I was not nurtured with a gold spoon in my mouth, therefore I need to work it out.

    I really wanted to travel and discover new things, such as culture, practices, and especially the people who are truly the Gems of a place. I want to witness the undiscovered beauty of the various sceneries and tourist spots and be immersed in a distinct culture - I'm pretty sure the Philippines do have lots of it.

    To Write and Narrate it.

    I am not totally a writer nor knowledgeable and expert about proper writing. (You can notice the grammar lapses on my blogs.) When I was in college I used to be a Section Head Editor of The Pillar Publication (an official University Publication) as a Literary Editor. –I was invited to join the publication in an instant due to my blog. From then, I learned a lot like In News Writing There are a lot of technicalities that need to be followed for you to create a winning peace unlike in the literary section, it’s all about ART, Emotions and being Creative are the things that matter the most- and that’s my Strength, to write from the voice deep within.

    I am already been a blogger for almost 8 years now (personal blog). Narrating your experiences through blogs is also an ART- an art that everyone is aware of but few are capable of doing. Remember, in writing a blog you don’t need to apply your expertise in writing however Blogging Industry loves those individuals who are storytellers. Those people who can make their readers stay on reading regardless of distraction like Facebook and any internet Competitors.  Blog Readers love to follow those blogs that will capture their interest.

    To Maximize Idle Time and be productive on it.

    Currently, I am working in the BPO industry. Yes, that’s right! I worked at night! Fortunately, I have an easy task with my account. So basically, I have lots of available time to chat with my coworkers. And sometimes I ended up sleeping in the office within working hours. So I have to do something about it.

    I decided to maximize my idle time into a productive one. Remember that time is perishable. You cannot turn back Time; instead, to talk about it with your coworkers why not type it and publish it.

    Tip: If you are working in a company, use your Vacation leave efficiently.

    To Come out from the Comfort Zone.

    Up until now, I am afraid of getting lost in one place. But the question is, how can I Travel if I will not face my fear at all.

    Remember that if your life sans challenges, which means you, are now stagnant. Stagnant water is dangerous, you’re getting used to your comfort zone. Keep in mind that if you will not dare yourself, you’ll end up with boring life. “A child will learn to walk when he experienced falling down” Undeniably. Blogging is a challenge, face it. Traveling is challenging, so do it.

    To Experience and Invest it.

    My ambition is to own a house, driving a car, and live a luxurious life. I know everyone is aiming for that. Those are investments that are tangible. But what about intangible investments, those are knowledge, skills, and talent - mainly experience. Remember, anyone can earn 10 dollars a day wherein you can also earn that same amount tomorrow. But what you experienced today can’t be the same experience of next day.

    To Promote the Philippines and the best of it.

    I admit, even if I am 100% Filipino. There are many things in the Philippines that I’m not aware of. (Read my Loboc River Experience.). This is very alarming of being a Filipino - so ironic coz tourists from other countries are more knowledgeable about what Philippines is.

    Promoting the Philippines is not my responsibility. But unintentionally, if you are a travel blogger, you can separate yourself from promoting it. And that is a huge help to our Department of tourism.

    To Dare Myself and conquer it.

    Given the nature of my job - so stressful. And not only that; but having a constraint of scarce resources also hind me to travel. Limited time with limited penny is a factor that affects your decision to continue traveling but if you will conquer it, you are now the richest person compared to those rich in nature. Why? Because you were able to travel, you are tactful enough and the fulfillment is priceless.

     To have a list so I won’t forget it.

    Where have you been last September? When was the first time you ate fast food? Questions that can’t be answered accurately. Yes, you can reminisce but you can’t tell the whole story with details. Are you familiar with the diary? The blog has something to do with it.

    Remember: What will happen today, will be part of history so you need to capture all the happenings

    To Become Famous and successful from it.

    “Fame I'm gonna live forever, I'm going to learn how to fly” are lyrics from a song. Yes, you can fly. You really can fly!

    A travel blogger needs to fly, and it is for free. Famous bloggers are now in partnership with different flight Companies, Travel Agencies, and Hotels. Bloggers are not paid that much but the perks that you will get are enough.

    Remember, when creating a travel blog don’t put this aim on the top of your list. When you already established your name, and expect everything to follow.

    But this is not easy; it requires sacrifice for you to get that.

    To Monetize and Earn from it.

    Monetizing your own blog is the major aim of any blogger around the Industry. You can have Google AdSense, Nuffnang, bidvertiser, and more ads-based sites. Aside from it, you can also accept partnerships from any advertisers that will use your ads space with pay.

    It’s a big no-no. The big mistake of some bloggers is, they prioritized monetizing during the first year of their blogging carrier. Remember: “The Old Wine tastes better than the new one”. Advertisers choose a blog that is already reliable in a long span of existence. With stable posts and famous

    Truly, Travel Blog is my Interest. Travelling and Blogging are totally different. You can travel and enjoy it without even blogging. Let’s Try to Combine the Two things Travel Blogging, Sounds good, isn't it
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