πŸ₯‚ Experiencing the Newly Open Nightclub in Tagbilaran City – Atmospheres Club. (Review)

Let us party together as Jonathan “Tansyong” Orbuda visits this newly-opened night club in *Tagbilaran City, Bohol on May 10, 2017.


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After the exigent flight going to Tagbilaran Airport, I finally arrived at my Grandparent’s house. I gave my **Pasalubong to my relatives who were occupying the house at that moment. My relatives took over the ancestral house after my Grandparents passed away. It was an extremely long day for me. I was so tired but right after our dinner at 6:30PM, the sounds of the crickets started to arise and it made me feel unease. It was so new to me since the last time I heard such sound was way back 15 years ago.

My grandparent’s house is a 15-minute drive away via motorcycle to the centre of the Municipality (AKA Sawang). The road was too dark and there’s no way for me go to ***Sawang unless if I’m gonna ride a motorcycle. My Tito owns a motorcycle yet I don’t know how to drive; indeed, I don’t wanna ask him to drive for me since 7PM is already their bedtime.

I asked a rescue to one of my childhood friends named Junjun to pick me up with ****habal-habal. I can’t sleep on my first night, seemingly the house is haunted and the fact that I sleep so late when I was in Manila.

We arrived at Sawang; there was a Basketball game yet I found it so boring. We hired again a habal-habal that brought us back to Tagbilaran City to look for a vibrant place where I can spend my Bohol’s first night. Tagbilaran City is a very long drive via habal-habal which is amounting to PHP400.
(left) Junjun Barbarona and (right) Jonathan D. Orbuda

Junjun who happened to be also a party animal during his Manila days, recommended me this night club located at Metrocentre Hotel, CPG North Avenue, Tagbilaran City 6300, Philippines.

As I entered in to the vicinity, it is somewhat under a continuous construction. The entry point is like a basement of a newly-built building wherein the presence of cement exists around the area. Heading towards the inner part of the basement, I noticed a logo of A with a circle on it; the place has a wide parking area. Looking at the front view of the said club, simultaneously turning my head around the place, it reminds me of an underground club which usually can only be seen in some vampire movies.
The main entrance, where the two security guards were standing is quite elevated with a five –step stair. The pathway has a red-carpet on it which made me feel so exclusive. This red carpet will lead you to the reception area wherein I paid the entrance fee. As soon as I was done the payment, I entered another door in which few chairs were displayed and a long table attached on the wall. Adjacent to it is a bar where you can purchase your drinks. At the back of the bar, you can see what is inside on the dance floor since it is transparent. For you to get into the dance floor, you have to pass through another door that has a black curtain. Inside is another bar that has wide choices of drinks, numerous unoccupied tables and couches. It has a stage where the DJ plays the music.
(left) DJ Leo and (right) Jonathan Orbuda - on the stage.

Ambiance wise, it is visually luxurious for me yet it really made me feel that I’m in an exclusive vampire‘s club. I did check their washroom and it was clean. The place is well-ventilated with no foul smell but sadly there no signal inside AT ALL; you can’t use you phone and I found it too inconvenience especially if you’re waiting for someone inside the club. You just have to keep on going outside to look for a signal; moreover, there was even no wifi-inside for free which I found so disappointing as a social media user and a blogger.

Undeniably, I must say that Atmospheres Club is quite huge in comparison to the clubs in Manila; maybe Manila has a limited land leasing place that can cater such kind of establishment due to its number of inhabitants. You might only experience huge clubs like Pool Palace and Valkerie, among others, but the price is quite emeldific. With Atmosphere Club, it is huge enough to cater a massive guest knowing that it has been mentioned as the only dance club in the City of Friendship – Tagbilaran.

Unfortunately, there were only few guests at that moment since May 10, 2017 falls on Wednesday. And I cannot give any feedback about the crowd based on what I’ve only seen that night itself.  According to the staff that I spoke with, during weekends the club is full of guest and tourist – both locals and foreigners.

 I had a chance to interview their staff and ask their pricelist.

The mixes and transitions of the music were good yet the playlist is quite boring for me, knowing me that I’m quite exposed to some of the nightclubs in Manila. However, that was just acceptable overall, the fact that the drinks will automatically give you a shallow exuberance and enjoyment moving forward. Indeed, the Disc Jockies were locals from Bohol nevertheless they have foreign DJs during special events according to the staff. I also like the lightings as it’s more visually appealing in proportion to the ambiance and theme of the club.

(left) Jonathan D. Orbuda and (right) DJ Cyril Sieras

I ordered a ******Pulutan on the top of the bottle of drinks that I bought. I really loved the *****Humba , outwardly perfect with rice. Perhaps I was just hungry due to a long Habal-Habal drive.

Atmospheres Club has a dress code policy; strictly no slipper, sandal and alikes, no jersey short or any sporty outfits.  As long as you look visually pleasant then that is acceptable. I just hope that will not discriminate cross-dressers like Valkerie Club.

Overall, I enjoyed my first night in Bohol. It was just a little bit disappointing because they close early at 3AM. So, Junjun and I decided to saunter the Vicinity of Tagbilaran. I just realized how small the city was; we’re able to go to the major landmarks – Grandstand, Major Streets, and etcetera – by just walking from 3AM -6AM.

At 6AM, we rode a bus back to San Isidro to attend the San Isidro National High School Grand Alumni Homecoming Party 2017. That night was full of fun and worth reminiscing.

  • *Tagbilaran – The Capital City of Bohol Province. It is called as the City of Friendship.
  • **Pasalubong – A gift; this is tangible thing that you can bring from a travel for someone waiting for you at home.
  • ***Sawang – It is the center of commerce in a Municipality. 
  • ****Habal-habal is a private motorcycle turned into public utility transportation.  This became popular in the provinces but it is now adapted in the urban-zone of Manila as Angkas.
  • *****Humba – A native Boholano’s way of pork cooking wherein the pork is fried on its own oil. This method will lessen the spoilage of the food because it has no ingredients. 
  • ******Pulutan – a finger food which is best in partnered with any alcoholic drinks; Pica-Pica.

πŸ“ Location: Ground Floor, The Metrocentre Hotel & Convention Center, Carlos P. Garcia Ave, Tagbilaran City, Bohol, Philippines

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