#Throwback Craziness – Wearing Mop as a Wig for Born This Way Parody.

Fun Fun Fun.. In this blog post, I’ll be posting a #throwback video which was recorded six years ago. This might be one of my “a little bit funny videos” that I’ve made. It’s a music video parody of Lady Gaga’s Born this Way. Have Fun..

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 “Happy to go with”. Most of my friends, who knew me a lot, said that statement. I must say “not really”; sometimes I have tantrums specially when there’s something that triggers; but when my stubbornness starts, surely “you’ll choose me, over your best friend (Charot)”

Makulit talaga ako , I am a kind of person who love things associated with fun like travel, foods, adventure and etcetera. Mostly in creating my videos, I want to mix it with humorous approach. I discovered my crazy side when I met these crazy friends back in college when I joined School Publication. They were so crazy and creative in both conceptualizing serious topics for the school publication and creating crazy stuff –photography and videos - whenever it arises
In fact, we came up an idea of creating a video of Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Parody in just a random manner. The said video was recorded after the celebration of my Graduation Ball; year 2011. That was memorable moment because right after the party, everyone decided to go back to the school and stay overnight at the newsroom. Perhaps due to boredom, that was the reason why we immediately came-up a crazy idea – why not create a video?  I was assigned to play the role of lady gaga while others were backup dancers and production team. We emulated the concept of the said music video – a mother delivering a child.

Normarei Villamater was the camerawoman, (visit her photoblog here) is now a professional photographer and layout artist. Bonjo was one of the backup dancers (the big guy – watch his video here) is now a certified public accountant. Dansyl Panelo, the slim guy (who was also featured in another video) is now working in a huge accounting company. All of them were so supportive and tolerating each other's craziness - in the name of FUN. I can’t imagine, I even wore a mop head as a wig.

Watch the video below.

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