A Heartfelt Journey: Volunteering at MBY Dog Rescue Sanctuary.

 Join me on a heartwarming adventure as I volunteer at the MBY Dog Rescue Sanctuary, located at 113 Sitio Talaga Proper, Barangay Maybancal, Morong, Rizal, 1960. The sanctuary is a beacon of hope, offering a safe haven for stray dogs and cats. The dedicated team at MBY works tirelessly to make a difference, save lives, and prevent animal abuse and cruelty. Their mission resonates deeply with my own passion for animal welfare, and I was eager to contribute to their noble cause. This journey was not just about giving back; it was about embracing the power of love and compassion to transform lives.

In this video, I share my heartfelt experience of bringing food, feeding the dogs, helping clean the sanctuary, and immersing myself in the lives of these incredible animals as I joined the outreach program of Juan Umbrella, a private organization for employee engagement. As a devoted dog lover, this journey deepened my emotional connection with these wonderful creatures and reinforced the importance of giving back. The day was filled with moments of joy, heartache, and profound fulfillment as I witnessed firsthand the impact of compassion and care on these animals' lives.


Walking through the sanctuary, I was struck by the resilience and unconditional love these dogs exuded despite their past hardships. Each wag of their tails and each hopeful look in their eyes told a story of survival and the transformative power of kindness. Volunteering at MBY Dog Rescue Sanctuary not only opened my eyes to the pressing need for animal welfare but also inspired me to advocate more passionately for these voiceless beings. It was a poignant reminder that every small act of kindness can ripple into profound change.

Witness the joy, resilience, and unconditional love these dogs bring, and discover the immense fulfillment that comes from helping them. For those who are unable to visit but wish to contribute, donations can be sent to the following accounts:

  • Account Name: Marita Yasuda, 
  • Gcash/Maya Account: 0966 814 4456, 
  • BPI Account: 4059 3146 37, 
  • BDO Account: 0066 3021 5825, 
  • Metrobank Account: 402 3402 24461 6, 
  • Paypal Account: 
Your support will help continue the vital work of the MBY Dog Rescue Sanctuary, providing food, medical care, and love to the animals in their care. Together, we can make a lasting difference in the lives of these deserving animals.

πŸ“ Location: H63Q+XWX, Morong, Rizal, Philippines

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