⛪ A Quick Visit at Baler Catholic Church

 It is situated in Poblacion , Baler and  the bus station at the Baler market, take a tricycle and ask to be taken to the church for 3-5 minutes.

For me, a tour in every place is incomplete without Visita Iglesias, so after visiting the Historical site of Doña Aurora’s House; I went ahead and I was able to see the stunning Church of Baler. The San Luis Obispo de Tolosa Catholic Church, it is located in Poblacion, Baler. It was just a speedy glance of the architectural design from outside (I was not even check the indoor design).
Since the church is just across of Aurora’s House, I took one picture for my documentation purposes.

At your first glance, the church is unnoticeable since the design is very modern so what’s new and interesting about it. (I have been visited numbers of Old Churches in Rizal like BARAS, TANAY, and in BACLAYON, BOHOL. So for me nothing special about it ).

However, when I started to do a research about it after the tour, I discovered that the said Church is very historic. The reason of its modern design it’s because the present church was rebuilt through the initiative of the late President Quezon’s wife Dona Aurora, their family and friends with the cooperative effort of the townspeople after it was almost eroding and falling into pieces. The church was proclaimed as one of the historical landmarks of the Philippines by the National Historical Institute in 2000.

The church is built largely of stones and a brick, the structure is an old church with a simple façade but the materials now is modern. This was the old historically famous garrison of four officers and 50 men during the Spanish regime and the last pocket of resistance of the Spanish armed forces to surrender to the American Troops from June 27, 1898 to July 2, 1899. It existed until the end of 1939

Moreover, Baler’s patron saint is San Luis Obispo de Tolosa.. This is also where the La Campana de Baler, an ancient bell, was used and later stored as an artifact in Museo de Baler.


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