By Mer Irene & Richelle Ann Boton
Pillar Publication

In pursuit of surmounting the ordeals Philippines has faced caused by some pertinent happenings bulleting its tourism unit, one of which this country is famous of. The battle of how to strengthen the campaign of our very own tourist destinations challenged our department of Tourism as to what actions must set to bring back our status of being one of the most sought-after A list-escapades.

Richelle Ann Boton in Panglao Island

The Pillar trekkers have once again envisioned taking another trip on a place in the country to support what we have preserved and of what we are distinctive of. And this time, we have traversed Luzon and set foot at one of the most beautiful spot in Visayas, the Island of Bohol.

City of Tagbilaran.
With almost an hour in the plane, we finally rose on our seats and stepped out. Softly warm weather greeted us that made us more excited to enjoy the summer adventure in one of the popular tourist destinations in the country, Bohol

Peek at Sagbayan Peak.
Sagbayan Peak Entry Point

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Our first stop, the famous mountain resort, park and recreation center in the town of Sagbayan. Situated in a mountain top, this place popularly known as “Sagbayan Peak” offers a breathtaking perspective of the luscious Chocolate hills and the distant blue sea separating the islands of Bohol and Cebu. A short trip to its picturesque landscapes led us to mini- Tarsier sanctuary where we met the smallest primates in the world.

Beyond the Chocolate hills
Carmen is one of the towns in Bohol where most of the renowned Chocolate hills are precisely located. Approximately 1,247 in number, these natural wonders can be best viewed at the Chocolate Hill Complex located in brgy. Buenos Aires in the same town.
 Viewing the Chocolate hills from the top allowed us to realize how blessed our beloved Philippines

Dine while floating: Loboc River
On our way in search of a place for lunch, we passed through the man-made rainforest in t6he town of Loboc. The place was very cool and green. Fresh air going to our body gave us a really great feeling. From the zigzag adventure of the rainforest, the road led us to the fine dining place, Loboc Rivers’s Restaurant.

Church at all time; Baclayon
 Church is said to be the second oldest church in the Philippines. Coral stones, cut and piled atop each other, generally make up this century old house of worship. The exterior of the church really looks plain but its interior is very lavish, with its gold-plated altars, ancient paintings, timeworn tiled floors and stained glass windows.

Refine Sand at Panglao Beach.
Situated at the southeastern part of mainland Bohol, Panglao Island has the escapades any tourist would want to spot. Outlined by naturally refined white sand, Bohol Beach Club in Panglao can give a relaxing holiday hands down with its friendly waves and Go-given sea creatures like sea urchins and star fishes.

Truly this group of islands perfectly shaped by god’s hand in Asia’s southeastern part is a splendid spectacle for aliens and invaders, allure that attracts tourists towards its serene and authentic landscapes. And should catastrophic dumb it off the Philippines, with its strong-hearted and faithful people will always rise and show the world the beauty it cradles within its territory. For this Chosen Land is a true epitome of splendor, from Luzon to Visayas to Mindanao                                  


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