Christmas Village in front of MERALCO Compound, Pasig City.

Meralco is the Philippine's Premier Electric Distribution Company.It is the only electrical power distributor in Metro Manila which holds the power distribution franchise for 22 cities and 89 municipalities , including the whole of the National Capital Region.

The said Company gives light with their Company’s Tagline “May Liwanag ang Buhay”.

Meanwhile, since its season of Christmas, Meralco provides a must visit Christmas Village right infront of their Compound in Pasig City. Every Christmas, the company always decorates their building with lights and lanterns. But what they prepared to the ocular visitors is their Life Size Christmas Village wherein it’s absolutely free. This is very appropriate for family and children who want to experience the Christmas atmosphere because the village was compose of various decorations.

The Life size Christmas Village features a large nativity, church replica, playground, animals, human replica, Filipino style-houses, and lot of details that will showcase the Filipino culture in celebrating the Christmas. The Village describes the Filipino spirit and traditions; the entire proximity of decorations was made up of different sizes of cables in accordance of the Meralco’s nature of business. It has aluminum cables, silver cables and all decorations have something to do with electricity. It was covered of lights even a single details. It runs all night long and it’s best for you to visit this place only at night.

How to get there?

The said Christmas Village is situated in front Lopez Building, Ortigas Avenue, Meralco Center, and Pasig City. As mentioned, it is for free so it is open for public for viewing and picture taking. If you came from EDSA, this is just a walk away and just behind Robinson Galleria.

Some Photos Below:

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