Pros and Cons : Hammock Versus Tent

As a tight budget traveler, we need to prioritize what are the most important things that you need to put inside on your backpack during your travel preparation. Choosing your priority is like doing a grocery list in a limited budget. Decision making is your great weapon.

Moreover, choosing between Hammock and tent is also a huge decision and we need to know the pros and cons of it. A hammock is a hang prepared of fabric, rope, or netting, tied between two points, used for swinging, sleeping, or resting. Hammock camping is a form of camping in which a camper sleeps in a suspended hammock rather than a typical tent attached to the ground. A tent is a shelter consisting of sheets of water proof fabric or other material draped over, attached to a frame of poles or attached to a supporting rope.

These two outdoor camping equipment are fighting for the top one position on your list. Let me help you to decide which one will work best for your travel.


1. Lightness- since hammock is just a long piece of fabric with rope, it is advisable to include this on your list due to its lightness and surely it will not consume large space of your backpack.

2. Portability- these outdoor equipment can be folded is just two or three times and that’s it, you can bring it anywhere and anytime due to its portability.

3. Easy to install- It is easy and quicker to set up and remove them down. The installation will not let you spend more time, effort so therefore you can rest right away. It can be very advisable for a rest break to lounge a bit while hiking.

4. Well ventilated in camping especially in summer it is advisable to use hammock because the open air feature will let feel more relaxing.

5. Hammock makes a great camp chair- With your tarp pitched high and wide you have a palace of space to lounge around in, cook etc. out of the elements

1. No to sharing – Typically hammock is for one person only. Maybe you can do sharing but it will result you to uncomfortable feeling.

2. Prone to opportunistic attacks – We need also to consider our health during our travel (as what I’ve mentioned in past articles). Since hammock is open air, you can easily get bitten from insects such as mosquitos that usually the reason of getting MALARIA and Dengue Fever.

3.  Its more cold at night- hammock is colder than a tent because the wind can go all around you and cool you down at night. You can easily acquire respiratory problem. Moreover, when it rain, you will suffer it.

4. Privacy and safety of your belongings- Since hammock is open to anybody, everyone can see you and there is no room for privacy in this case. In addition to that, you cannot secure your things while sleeping since hammock is only for resting and not to secure your backpack. Therefore, your belongings can easily get stolen, and your things can easily get wet.

5. Can’t Set Up without trees- Trees are required so that you can tie the two endpoint of the said equipment which is very impossible to set up in dessert or an open field.


1. Capacity to accommodate a group. - Sharing in one tent is fine it depends on the sizes or capacity.

2. Protection and Security- your personal belongings are secured inside. You’re not exposed to the icy wind, rain or even the bites from insects.

3. Feeling at home- Sleeping inside the tent is just like sleeping in your own room. You can set a bedroom atmosphere inside. So, this is more comfortable.

4. Privacy- since a tent is close; you can change your dress inside without hesitation that someone might see you.


1. Heaviness- the Weight of the equipment is one reason why traveler/campers drawback to hammock. You can’t even put the whole thing inside your backpack because it will occupy more space, so your option is to bring it by your hand or attached it outside on your back pack.

2. What to spend? - It takes you some time to practice, and patience, and some trial and error to figure it all out. “Effort to configuring” it is a factor why campers will not prefer tent.

3. It’s more expensive- The amount of cheapest tent that you can buy is the same value that you can spend when you buy the most expensive hammock. Try to check it online.

4.   Worst place at daytime- Imagine yourself staying inside your tent and resting in noon time. Remember, Tent is for shelter and not used as SAUNA. You know what I mean?

In this article of mine, I hope you are now decided which one will work best for you. Hammock and Tent are both beneficial and not advisable at the same time, and your choice varies towards your preference and your travel trip.

Do you have any additional information or advise? 

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