World Class Wake Skater versus the 8 Wonder of the World in the Philippines.

American wakeboarder Brian Grubb tests his wakeboarding skills at the iconic Banaue Rice Terraces.
(Photo by Daniel Deak Bardos and Sophia Langner)
The Wake Skating and Wake Boarding Extreme Sport are currently famous in the Philippines.  In fact innumerable Wake Boarding Sites were established in Laguna, Batangas, Clark, Camsur and Davao. Rapid increase of number are become an Aficionado of the said extreme Sport. In addition to that, lot of World Championship and International Wake Boarding and Skating were conducted in the Philippines in Camarines Sur where-in famous athletes who came from different countries in the whole world t compete.

Moreover, one of these athletes is Brian Grubb. During his seventh come back in the country, a distinctive wake boarding was his planned; TO DO THE WAKE BOARDING STUNT IN EIGHT WONDER OF THE WORLD the Banaue Rice Terraces. “This Wonder, I’ve never seen this before, obviously the rice terraces is very scenic to see, and seeing from a different perspective its very different way of living here.” Grubb said.
Join us in Banaue Rice Terraces to Witness a Different Wake Boarding.
(Photo by Daniel Deak Bardos and Sophia Langner)
Brian Grubb is popular on doing wake boarding stunts in various iconic locations in the whole World. This time “The Engineering Wonder of the world which the rice terraces “(together with his team) is their next spot to show the World how beautiful it is. “We came over here (Philippines to be specific), going to Cam Sur and we saw small terraces, and we were looking for a natural environment with water and anytime there’s a drop (like a skate board stair case) where-in we can jump, that’s what we are looking for” Grubb narrated on how they come up with the idea of choosing the Banaue Rice terraces. He also added the he saw the PHP1000 bill that shows the Rice panoramic terraces and he was curious about it, if is it real or it’s just a picture. “We ended up doing some research and found out that the place is real, the picture in PHP1000 bill is the exactly same the way it is” as he continued narrating.

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Meanwhile, the harvesting season in Banaue was already done and it was perfect for their plan to execute the stunt. “Kung mapropromote ang Banaue , dadami ang turista therefore we can get the benefits. But before they conduct it, they make sure about the location by doing an ocular inspection. I find out that it will not damage and for me, there is no negative effect about it towards the terraces. “Mayor Jerry Dalipog said.
Before Grubb conduct the stunt, he personally involves himself towards the cultures of the IFUGAO (inhabitants of the Place.) In fact he joined in a ritual headed by MUMBAKI or tribal Priest. “The tradition was old and I’ve seen some ceremonial dances, and when we got here, we asked their permission to do the stunt on the rice terraces; to do some modern things in such an old place. It’s an Honor to be here” Grubb proudly said.

The Locals were very entertained when Grubb do the stunt.
Truly, Grubb is not just showing his skills but he is also shows the World how Beautiful the Philippines is.

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