In CENTRAL BBQ BOY GRILL, Every day is a weekend

Sunday, December 1, 2013, my circle of friends who were my former gym mates invited me for a night out, since one of them celebrating a birthday and it was also a reunion of the group. Actually, I am not that kind of interested in the invitation because at that time I am not feeling well (I just got from Baler Aurora). But there’s no way for me to refuse it, they are my friends who always went out (ie, Tala Bar, Uno Pizzeria, and Bellagio in Malate).

Meanwhile, to cut the story short, I joined them.

How to get there: (as per Central Website)
Take Bicutan Exit, Turn at SM Bicutan side (Dona Soledad Ave), Go straight, Central is located on your right beside Honda Motorali.
There are very few places in Metro Manila where you can go for an honest-to-goodness food trip and walk away knowing that you got your money’s worth.


CENTRAL BBQ BOY GRILL is one of them and is holding its own among the manu fancy bars and restaurants around the metro.

It's the laid-back setting of wooden picnic tables, chill-out music, and alfresco dining is probably what initially attracts patrons. But it’s the excellent array of grilled Filipino dishes and the affordable prices that keep customers coming back. With this combination, it’s no wonder that CENTRAL has attracted regulars of all ages; from young people looking for a place to hang out with friends, yuppies wanting to unwind after work, and families wishing to share a good meal with each other. (credits to CENTRAL BBQ BOY GRILL Website)

Review about the Place.

The place is very solemn, so if you are a group of friends then you can communicate better compared to the other bars that play audible music. Moreover, the washroom is also clean; the establishment’s washroom signage is also noticeable because for females it's a bad girl and for males, it's the bad boy. (Just like the washroom of TIKI BAR which is very creative as well).

The hanging lampshades add up the details of the entire bar. And at each table, there is candlelight for the whole time you are drinking. The place is not that too heavy to hangout out with friends. Just a reminder CENTRAL BBQ BOY GRILL doesn’t have a dance floor.

Their drinks are very amazing, unexplainable. You can visit their website for the menu Click here.
Here is the menu :

We Met Nicki Minaj Lookalike

An hour passed by and we noticed this tanned woman with blond hair. She looks familiar, with her get up, with her gesture, and the way she smiles. She was Nicki Minaj of the Philippines. I know you guys knew her; she was part of the Showtime contest Lookalike.

We went ahead to Uno Pizzeria.
We decided to transfer to a different bar since the group wanted to hit the dance floor.  (I will be posting the next bar that we've been)


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