How to manage your Health during Travel?

Travelling is an activity that really needs preparation. It can be financial preparation, emotional preparation and mental preparation. Preparation is required so that any fortuitous events will happen; so that you guys can manage the situation and by that you still enjoy your entire travel... I already wrote an article about my health preparation before I travel. But what if in the middle of the road, your health is now the problem. Maybe it will lead you to worst travel and of course nobody wants to experience that.  How to manage your Health during travel and your travel will still delightful?

Let me give you some Tips.

1. Learn to inhale and exhale. – Maybe you are wondering why I added it on the top of the list; well in fact everyone knew how to breathe in and out (even a one day old baby).But What About Allergic and asthmatic travelers? Allergic and asthmatic person should be careful on the food mostly if you are going to taste the local cuisine. I knew that travelers are excited to taste distinctive foods which part of the adventure and part to discover the culture of the specific location is undeniably to try the foods. Be specific of the ingredients and beware of the triggering factors of you allergies. Ask the locals what are the ingredients with respectful manner to avoid insulting them.
Tips for asthmatic travelers during attack: Don’t ever forget you inhaler before you pack up your belongings. I advised you to use it during attack rather than oral meds because it will take effect right away in just short span of time. 

2. How to control your dizziness? - There are many reasons why a travelers experiencing a state of imbalance. Remember that Dizziness and vertigo are common medical issues, affecting approximately 20%-30% of the general population. As a traveler, dizziness only arises during long period of travel (I experienced this when I was traveling from City Proper of Puerto Princesa going to Sabang Port). 

To avoid it,
Take anti dizziness medicine if you are planning to travel during day. Day travel is more prone to dizziness rather than travelling at night.

 Make sure not to skip you meal before traveling (by land, air of water). Traveling with empty stomach will trigger your physiology to experience the movement of the surrounding that leads you to state of imbalance. Moreover, if you vomit with an empty stomach is more painful compare if you vomit with an empty stomach. 

Second, you can inhale menthol inhaler, or eat menthol candy. It will lessen of triggering the dizziness. 

If you are a solo backpacker/traveler, if there is a stopover, you can grab a bite, maybe a hot coffee or chocolate. But for me, I can recommend a hot soup, an instant noodle is fine and it works best for me.

3. Yes to LBM (Lesser Battle of Money scarcity). - Since travelling with tight budget is the goal of anybody who wants to wander more but to spend less. Travelers tend not to allocate more budgets on water. Be careful on what you drink especially in a remote location. Contaminated water will lead you to LBM (loss bowel movement) that result to dehydration. And dehydration will let you spending more money than you expect.

Here is the Tip: Buy your own water or if you passed through in a fast food, water refilling is free, so why not take advantage rather than spending for it.

4. Open Wounds. – If you are mountain trekker bear in mind that you are prone of rashes or wounds. If you are a surfer you are also prone of it. If wounds and rashes will arise, make sure to wash it with clean water or alcohol to avoid infection. Cover it with bondage so that, opportunistic germs and bacteria will not enter.

5. Continue taking your food supplement- Travelers spent more energy than a person in an office and travelers always exposed to the open area. So make sure that your immune system is strong. Aside from that, balance diet during travel is very difficult to achieve because local cuisines and delicacies are the main goal in terms of food. So to complete your vitamins, you should take your supplements


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