Hangover from Hanging Bridge in Brgy Zabali, Baler, Aurora.

Until today while I am currently writing this article, I still have a hangover from crossing the Hanging Bridge in Brgy Zabali, Baler, and Aurora. Not a hangover from the dizziness of crossing the bridge but an after-effect of the enjoyment during the adventure. This Adventure was part of my Baler Adventure during our Biking Activity together with my co-travelers.
Bike is one of the medium of transportation to reach the area. (Actually it was Part of Our Biking Activity). But if you are a solo backpacker or in group tour then a tricycle is fine.
The Bridge was built not really intended for tourist attraction yet it’s more for locals use, but the distinctive view of the river from a different perspective is what makes the hanging bridge became popular . The Bridge connects the two sides which are the BrgyTibang- Brgy Sabang. It is located at the endpoint of Zabali road.
Zabali Road is cement but if you are about to reach the endpoint, it is rough road. Once you will arrive at the dead end of Zabali Road, A stunning concrete bridge will welcome you. On the both sides of the stairway are few local households. There is also a small variety store at the right side. On the left side is a small way for you to view the hanging bridge from down under.

A wide river will make you amazed because it is very clear and clean. The green environment is very visually pleasant and the fresh air came from the adjacent Sabang Coast (facing Pacific Ocean) is very relaxing. The both sides of the river are complete of Nipa plants which are also a source of making Nipa hut. The Panoramic view of the mountain on the other side is very astonishing especially if you are an urbanite. You really appreciate the beauty of the nature once you will get exposed yourself towards on it.

My experience of the said bridge is memorable. Heights really don’t scare me and hanging bridges are supposed to be fun. The Hanging Bridge was made of cables and it was safe. In many parts there are wide open gaps on the bridge itself that you can look down through and imagine plummeting into the depths of the river below. The only problem is it sways when you are walking, some finds it as scary and it results to state of imbalance.

Anyway, Do you know other must visit hanging bridge in the country? 


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